2020 Ford Mustang Shelby, GT, Power

If you are talking about the icon in the automotive industry, you must mention 2020 Ford Mustang among the first ones. That’s surely a car that raised so many levels higher than any other car used to. With every new generation, Mustang becomes better than the one before and better than all of the other cars at the market. Let’s see what is so special about it this time. Take a look at the new Mustang and at the details that are known about it. Continue reading “2020 Ford Mustang Shelby, GT, Power”

2019 Ford Mustang 0-60, Top Speed, Performance

Every true icon deserves to be treated like it deserves, that’s with high respect. New 2019 Ford Mustang is surely one of those cars. We can honestly say that the Mustang is something like a second word for the speed and power. Ford’s designers and engineers have made it that way in the past few years so now, they just need to keep the reputation going. Let’s see how they’ve done it with 2019 Mustang. Continue reading “2019 Ford Mustang 0-60, Top Speed, Performance”