2020 Ford Raptor Towing Capacity

Ford really knows how to create the perfect truck and with the arrival of updated 2020 Ford Raptor, we know they’re going to continue doing that. With the increased strength and power, this new Raptor is going to get even more popular. Ford is surely doing what the customers want him to do and now, they’ve done exactly that. Let’s see what are those new things that can make you speechless. Take a look at new Raptor. Continue reading “2020 Ford Raptor Towing Capacity”

2019 Ford Raptor F-150 Review

We can`t say precisely in which category Ford is the best in, whether those are trucks, SUVs or sedans. Today, we`re talking about 2019 Ford Raptor which is one of the leading models in the truck category. That`s the way how Ford wants to establish their number one spot on every market. They`re always inventing something new. New Raptor is ready to reach so many new customers which are prepared to make him proud on its producer. Take a look at what new Raptor is capable of and how he looks today.   Continue reading “2019 Ford Raptor F-150 Review”