2019 Ford Transit Passenger, XLT

Large SUVs are popular today and among them, new 2019 Ford Transit surely takes the high place on the list. That`s surely thanks to the amazing work that Ford`s designers and engineers have done with this model in the past. Now, we can see that Transit looks modernized which is the best way to increase the sales numbers of this model. Maybe it has lost some of the things from the past but we like it the way it looks today as well. Just wait and you`ll see, you`re going to love him now even more. Continue reading “2019 Ford Transit Passenger, XLT”

2019 Ford Galaxy Appearance, Power

Beware, new 2019 Ford Galaxy is coming on the market. That means that many of the Ford’s opponents have to worry about their products. The Galaxy is definitely one of the finest of its category and his new generation only means that he’s just getting better. His engineers have announced many changes in his shape so we are here to introduce you with it. Take a look at the details we could find out about new Galaxy.

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2019 Ford EcoSport Power, Engine

We can’t ask from Ford’s officials to choose their favorite model but if we can get that option among the best ones is definitely 2019 Ford EcoSport. That’s the model that can respond to all of the demands. It is great in off-road driving and it is more than the decent city car. Large families can be perfectly safe with him and he is also the great choice for younger generations. All in all, there are more than a few options why you should choose this particular model. Take a look and see it yourself. Continue reading “2019 Ford EcoSport Power, Engine”

2019 Ford Super Duty Review

The trucks were always one of the best products that Ford has to offer to the market. New 2019 Ford Super Duty is surely the way how Ford is ensuring that they`re still on the right track when it comes to that category of cars. New Super Duty is one of the most expected model for the next year because it is one of the best trucks that American market has ever seen. Let`s see what are the information`s we could gather about this model of truck. Continue reading “2019 Ford Super Duty Review”

2019 Ford Raptor F-150 Review

We can`t say precisely in which category Ford is the best in, whether those are trucks, SUVs or sedans. Today, we`re talking about 2019 Ford Raptor which is one of the leading models in the truck category. That`s the way how Ford wants to establish their number one spot on every market. They`re always inventing something new. New Raptor is ready to reach so many new customers which are prepared to make him proud on its producer. Take a look at what new Raptor is capable of and how he looks today.   Continue reading “2019 Ford Raptor F-150 Review”

2019 Ford Taurus Specs, Review

If there’s a car that can make a market become speechless, that’s definitely new 2019 Ford Taurus. It is one of the Ford’s most famous models so we know that the customers already have some feelings about it. With this new generation, Ford’s creators have the goal to return him on the paths of the old glory. Everything we have heard about it so far tells us that they’re more than capable to do that. Let’s find out all the details about new Taurus. Continue reading “2019 Ford Taurus Specs, Review”

2019 Ford Escape Launch Date

Ford is surely the leader on the world’s market, new 2019 Ford Escape is the latest evidence for that. The SUVs category are getting safer with this model because you can be sure that Ford will not release a model that isn’t prepared for everything. New Escape is classy but ready to go a bit off-road if you want it. To be honest, it’s going to be ready for everything you ask from him. The perfect model for modern demands. New Escape.   Continue reading “2019 Ford Escape Launch Date”

2019 Ford Fiesta ST, Speculations

City cars were extra popular before the growing of the SUVs popularity. New 2019 Ford Fiesta has the ability to return the glory to that part of the market. Fiesta is surely a model that has all it takes for something like that but it is up to you to buy this model once again. According to the first details, it keeps getting bigger and better over the years. Now, we expect the best from Fiesta and we are here to find out what`s hiding beneath that stunning exterior. Take a look at all of the details we could find. Continue reading “2019 Ford Fiesta ST, Speculations”

2019 Ford Fusion Price and Engine Choices

The world of sedans is just getting more and more interesting when new 2019 Ford Fusion is announced to arrive at the market. With so much reliable pieces of information, we are close to gather almost all of them that’s going to be useful for you. This review is made so you can see that new Fusion is the perfect sedan for all of you that don’t expect your car to fly on the road with the speed of over 200 mph but for all of you that expect your car to be nice and useful. New Fusion is just that. Take a look and see it yourself. Continue reading “2019 Ford Fusion Price and Engine Choices”

2019 Ford Bronco Redesign, Performances

Every car that is created by Ford deserves to be treated as one of the best. New 2019 Ford Bronco is definitely one of those. It is more than obvious that this is a car that has been created with extreme attention. Ford’s designers have invested so many hard working hours to make him look like this. It is proven one more time that hard work really does gets paid eventually. Just take a look at new Bronco and you’ll realize that. Continue reading “2019 Ford Bronco Redesign, Performances”