2019 Ford Excursion Comeback, Review

In the world of mighty SUVs, 2019 Ford Excursion truly deserves to be placed on the top spots. In the previous versions, Ford’s engineers have tried to create the best look for this SUV but they haven’t been able to find a good solution for the customers. Now, according to the first rumors, they have found something that customers will love. Just take a look at new Excursion and you will really see the effort from Ford’s engineers. Here it is. Continue reading “2019 Ford Excursion Comeback, Review”

2019 Ford F-250 Power, MPG

2019 Ford F-250 is a truly something. Even though we know that this model is built on the look of the F-150, we must say he’s more than the decent carrier of that F mark in his name. We have heard so many great things about this truck model that we really have no doubts about his success. New F-250 is going to be one of the leading mid-size trucks in the upcoming season. If you don’t believe us, just let us prove you wrong. This review is made for that. For those that trust us, this review is made so you can look closely at the new F-250. Continue reading “2019 Ford F-250 Power, MPG”