2020 Ford Taurus Update, Redesign

2020 Ford Taurus Front

Every Ford’s model that arrives on the market draws some kind of attention and new 2020 Ford Taurus really knows how to do that. This is one of the models that we are sure that is capable to draw as much possible attention that is possible. Taurus is famous over the years and now Ford needs to make it at least a little bit better than before. There are some rumors about what’s going to be better than before and we are so proud to be one of the first that are ready to talk about it. Take a look at the review we’ve prepared about new Taurus. Here it is just for you.

2020 Ford Taurus Front

2020 Ford Taurus Exterior Changes, Specs, Appearance

There are so many rumors about the exterior look of new 2020 Ford Taurus that we had to turn straight to Ford’s officials to find all the important and true details about it. Now, they’ve left all the rumors behind and they’ve said that they haven’t changed the exterior of new Taurus that much when we compare him with his previous generation. The reason for that is simple, they want the customers to recognize Taurus on the streets when they see it. That’s why this 2020 Taurus is made to be exactly the same shape as before. The shape has remained the same but some of the details have changed. What is sure is that some of the changes can’t be seen with your bare eyes. Those are the changes that happened in the chassis. The platform of new Taurus is now made using nothing but lightweight materials.

As we’ve said, some of the details on new 2020 Ford Taurus are brand new. For example, just take a look at the front fascia. This is the first time that Taurus has that wide grille and so long hood. With it, new Taurus looks way stronger and sportier than before. When we add the news that he has some new lines on the sides that impression is even stronger. On the back, new Taurus is equipped with the attached rear spoiler which, unfortunately, won’t be the part of the standard equipment. All the lamps on new Taurus are bigger than before which really improves his visibility. That’s something that customers wanted to see on new Taurus. That way, even safety is improved in this car.

2020 Ford Taurus Cabin

2020 Ford Taurus Interior Design, Style, Products

The cabin of any Ford’s sedan we’ve seen is the best there can be. New 2020 Ford Taurus won’t be different when it comes to that. Ford is always trying to push it to step forward. Now, they’re trying to create an even better environment for the passengers inside. For that cause, they’ve announced there will be more room inside new Taurus than there was before. That’s possible thanks to some changes on the instrument board. That instrument board is smaller than before because of the fewer buttons that are now available. That leaves more room for the seats which results from the passengers to have more leg and head-room inside.

There aren’t some special and noticeable changes other than that we’ve mentioned. New 2020 Ford Taurus is designed to remind us of the good old Taurus. Now, Ford has done all the effort they could to make it restyled and improved. There won’t be any plastic part inside new Taurus which is one of Ford’s efforts to keep the planet a safer place to live on. Entire cabin of this stunning sedan is made from the nature-safe materials which are a really important thing to know when you’re planning to buy a modern look car. One more thing that is great about new Taurus is that he’s available to be choosy with so many different interior color choices. Amazing for the picky customers.

2020 Ford Taurus Rear

2020 Ford Taurus Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit is a really important part for new 2020 Ford Taurus and that’s why Ford has turned so much attention to it this time. According to the officials, new Taurus is powered with the 3.5-liter petrol powered V6 unit. This is the engine that is really suitable for new Taurus because it can provide him with a decent power amount and with the reduced fuel consumption which is really important for families that are choosing this sedan. According to Ford’s engineers, new Taurus is going to be supplied with the 288 horsepower and with 264 lb/ft as the torque amount. This is more than enough for the basic trim level of a true family sedan.

We still don’t have the information about the fuel consumption for new Taurus but we’ll let you know the moment we find it out. What is sure about it and about all of his engine units is that they’re going to work in pair with the 8-speed gearbox.

2020 Ford Taurus Price and Estimated Launch Date

The starting price of new 2020 Ford Taurus can’t be under $25.000 which is more than suitable for a true and brilliant family sedan. The release date is set to go from March 2020.

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