2020 Ford Raptor Towing Capacity

2020 Ford Raptor Front

Ford really knows how to create the perfect truck and with the arrival of updated 2020 Ford Raptor, we know they’re going to continue doing that. With the increased strength and power, this new Raptor is going to get even more popular. Ford is surely doing what the customers want him to do and now, they’ve done exactly that. Let’s see what are those new things that can make you speechless. Take a look at new Raptor.

2020 Ford Raptor Front

2020 Ford Raptor Exterior Design, Review, Specs

In the world of trucks, new 2020 Ford Raptor takes more than a high place. We are so happy with his arrival that we just don’t know where to start from. Ford has done so much great things with him in the past that we are expecting the same to happen again. If some car company is capable to do that, that’s surely Ford. They’re doing the same thing again, they’re going to make the market speechless with the arrival of new Raptor. The exterior design isn’t that much different, to be honest, but the overall look of new Raptor is. He does look stronger than before just with those small changes that are made. To be honest, we haven’t expected to see some new wheels but Ford has placed them after all. Those tires are going to help him become even better in the driving off-road. Those are huge news for the Raptor fans.

The sides of the new 2020 Ford Raptor are equipped with some new lines that can really make him look sportier than before. Now, Ford wants new Raptor to look a bit classier than before which is a huge thing for this model. Therefore, the front fascia has the grille made a bit different. Now, it is made totally from chrome vertical bars. Those bars are making it shine more than before which is a great thing when we’re thinking about the increased luxury feeling. This is one of the first trucks to look like a true luxury truck. No doubt new Raptor can make everybody happy and satisfied.

2020 Ford Raptor Cabin

2020 Ford Raptor Interior Look, Size, Appearance

When it comes to the cabin design of new 2020 Ford Raptor we can’t really spot some huge differences. New Raptor might be a bit bigger than before which leads to the more room inside. That alone is huge news for the customers. Even though that doesn’t appear that way, we are sure that the new Raptor will have something special to offer to the passengers inside. Now, they’ve serious plans with the instrument board. That instrument board is set to be smaller than before or to be precise, to be available with fewer buttons. With it, there is more room for the seats. That results in the passengers to enjoy more room than before.

Even though Ford is still trying to hide the information’s about the infotainment system, we have some ideas on how it might look. New 2020 Ford Raptor is surely going to be equipped with way more functions than before. Most of them are transferred from the previous generation and designed to have significant software upgrades made. We have heard that new Raptor is going to be equipped with the functions such as: all-around view camera, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, traction control, tire pressure monitoring, hill assistant, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection systems, more airbags, satellite navigation powered by Google Maps, satellite radio and many others still waiting to be discovered.

2020 Ford Raptor Rear

2020 Ford Raptor Engine, Power, Performances, Specs

The engine unit is the part of 2020 Ford Raptor which is the most mysterious and the most hidden. Now, according to some of the rumors, new Raptor is going to be powered with the 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbocharged EcoBoost petrol powered unit. This one is so special and surely the one that is responsible for all the glory Raptor has. He can develop the power of 450 horses and a torque amount of 510 lb/ft as the maximum. We are so proud of this type of engine unit and on this new Raptor.

We’re expecting to find out his towing capacity really soon and we can’t wait to share it with you. Keep being so interested and we’ll share that news instantly.

2020 Ford Raptor Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Ford Raptor is set to be released in May 2020 and we have found his starting price right now. It0s going to be $54k.

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