2020 Ford Fusion Transmission, Power

2020 Ford Fusion Front

Ford knows how to keep the customers interested and new 2020 Ford Fusion is surely one of the great models that can do that. Let us introduce you to this model. To be honest, he doesn’t really need some deep introduction because he’s already famous and the customers know what Fusion represents on the market. All we need to do is to talk about the changes that are happening in this model. Take a look at them.

2020 Ford Fusion Front

2020 Ford Fusion Exterior Design, Review, Specs

New 2020 Ford Fusion isn’t filled with some brand new details on the exterior, to be honest. Even though we might expect some new ones to arrive. New Fusion is really great with for the customers because it is designed to be slightly bigger than before without some other effect made on the overall body weight. For that cause, Ford has used the most interesting and super lightweight materials. The biggest part of the chassis of the new Fusion is made using carbon fiber and aluminum parts. Even though you might think that’s going to increase his price to the sky-high levels you’re wrong. Ford somehow managed to keep it almost the same as the previous version. That’s why Fusion has the ability to become the best ever produced.

When we have mentioned new 2020 Ford Fusion we have said that we’re going to inform you about the changes that are made on the exterior and we’re going to do so. Most of the differences take place on the sides of the new Fusion. The biggest ones are definitely the tires and the wheels. What is special about the wheels, besides they’re now 19.0-inches wide, is that they’re painted in the same color as the rest of the car. For the basic trim level, that’s going to be full black. That way, new Fusion enters brand new, luxury department of next year market. On the front part, we can see that the grille looks almost the same as before which makes it quite interesting. There are chrome parts all over new Fusion which makes it shiny and classy. Those are two things that Ford wants new Fusion to represent.

2020 Ford Fusion Interior

2020 Ford Fusion Interior Look, Design, Materials

The cabin of new 2020 Ford Fusion is interesting as it was ever. Ford and his team of designers are doing the best thing to keep it simple but effective. Now, they’ve used most of the classy but somehow, reasonably priced materials. You’ll see that you’re going to feel extra cozy inside and that there won’t be any plastic part used for this vehicle. The biggest part is made from fine leather. The seats are wrapped in it which makes them extra cozy for the passengers to sit in them. New Fusion has some of the parts made from wood but that won’t be some expensive wood because they’ve announced new Fusion to be affordable for the customers.

What is special about this sedan is that his engineers are trying to make him extra modern and ready for the future demands of the passengers inside. Now, the instrument board inside 2020 Ford Fusion is made using fewer buttons. That way, most of the controls are transferred to the touchscreen. That touchscreen is now 10.0-inches wide which makes it one of the biggest in its class. Other than that, that touchscreen, or central display if you like, is more driver oriented. That is one of the changes that the customers itself have demanded.

2020 Ford Fusion Rear

2020 Ford Fusion Engine, Power, Transmission

Even though we know that new 2020 Ford Fusion is going to be available with hybrid engine option, now, we are here to talk about regular petrol powered engine. According to the officials, that’s going to be the 2.5-liter petrol powered that’s working with 4-cylinders. Looking at the design and to the overall impression of new Fusion, we must say that this is the perfect engine for this kind of sedan. We expect to see him available to be supplied with 180 horsepower and more than 175 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. We are more than happy with the power amount that’s created under the hood of new Fusion.

Now, Ford’s engineers have done something special with the gearbox. In the previous versions, they’ve made it available for you to choose exactly what type of transmission system you want. Now, they’ve offered only one gearbox for new Fusion and his engine types. That’s going to be the 6-speed automatic one. This one is perfect for new Fusion and it can really reduce his fuel consumption.

2020 Ford Fusion Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Ford Fusion is set to be released for the starting price of $31.000 which is just a thousand more than his predecessor has cost. New Fusion is set to be released in February 2020.

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