2020 Ford Focus Arrival Date

2020 Ford Focus Front

If there’s a car that’s great to be driven around the city like new 2020 Ford Focus really is, we’ll want to know about it. Until some car like that appears, new Focus will keep his title as the best city car ever produced. There are numerous of facts that are telling us that. He’s not too big and not too small at the same time. That’s the perfect balance that is created by the Ford’s engineers which is one of the secrets of this model. We’re loving every new thing they release it with. Now, there are quite of them so we’re going to try to introduce you with every one of them. Take a look at new Focus and the things that make him famous.

2020 Ford Focus Front

2020 Ford Focus Exterior Redesign, Appearance, Specs

In the first appearance, we know that Focus is a car you can really rely on. Every next generation proves us right again. Now, with the arrival of the new 2020 Ford Focus we are even more confident in that fact. We can see that new Focus is arriving on the 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are the perfect selection for this car. That way, even the shape is different from the previous version of this great car. To make it even better, Ford has given him some new lines on the sides. Those lines are helping him to get sportier look and appearance. New Focus is available with more exterior color choices than any other generation has. With it, Ford is aiming for the even pickiest customers on the market. Since you are expecting him to be able to be parked anywhere, you know that his overall size won’t be changed.

On some closer parts, we can see that the front fascia has been a bit changed. New 2020 Ford Focus has wider grille and that grille has wider gap between the bars. That way, the engine receives enough cool air at any moment. That’s great thing to improve the performances. There aren’t some other changes on the front but we can spot some of them on the back side. The biggest one is the rear glass. It is bigger than before and that works amazing for the customers. They are absolutely loving it on new Focus. With it, the car looks nicer and it is definitely safer than before. Now, the driver has a way better view behind him.

2020 Ford Focus Cabin

2020 Ford Focus Interior Look, Shape, Instrument board

We are absolutely loving every part of the cabin that new Focus is equipped with. What is interesting is that they have managed to make it roomier than before even though he remains in the same size as he was before. They have made it thanks to some of the changes that are made to the instrument board. Ford and his team of designers have been really busy with making it available for the families so that they can choose this model as well. Now, the instrument board is released with fewer buttons which leaves more room for the seats. Not only they are released to be bigger than before, they are now available with better lumbar and sides support. Everything that they are doing is to make sure that the new 2020 Ford Focus is better than he used to be.

As the designers are paying attention to the seats and to the room inside, the engineers are doing the same thing with the infotainment system. They have said that the infotainment system that’s going to be installed in new Focus is better than before and it is available to be used easier than before. That means that the steering wheel is equipped with more controls than ever before. That’s surely great news for the customers. That means that the driver can pay his full attention to the road ahead and not think about the status of the car and about the functions. Everything will be just fine with them.

2020 Ford Focus Rear

2020 Ford Focus Engine, Power, Performances

As this is the perfect city car, he needs to be powered with the engine that’s suitable with that title. Now, that’s going to be 1.5-liter petrol powered EcoBoost engine unit. This one is quite strong for its capacity and it really saves that required energy and strength. He can be supplied with the power of 150 horses and with the torque amount of close to the 164 lb/ft which is great. Even though this engine looks small he’s more than effective.

No matter what type of engine you choose because it’s going to be more than just this one, you’re going to be welcomed with only one gearbox choice. This time, that’s going to be 6-speed automatic transmission system. This one can send the power only to the front two set of tires. Of course, we didn’t expect it to arrive with AWD, to be honest.

2020 Ford Focus Estimated Price and Arriving Date

The release date for a new 2020 Ford Focus is set to be May 2020 and not sooner than that. The price is estimated to be around $24.500.

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