2020 Ford Fiesta ST Rumors

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Front

New 2020 Ford Fiesta ST is a model that is ready to make the market speechless. Ford has done so much great work to make it changed and better than before. Fiesta alone is one of the finest Ford’s model but with the addition of ST in his name is making him even better than before. Not only better, but Ford also wants to make it sportier than before. We are here to give you the most interesting details about new Fiesta ST so you can really see that he’s one of the finest models. Take a look at it.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Front

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Exterior Changes, Specs, Appearance

The exterior design of new 2020 Ford Fiesta ST isn’t a surprise for us at all. We know how Fiesta looks so there’s no need to make something new. What is great is how Ford works and how they’re using some new details to make it look like a brand new car. For example, we must mention that new Fiesta ST is made to have a rear spoiler attached as the part of the basic equipment. That’s the first time for Fiesta ST. What is also interesting about new Fiesta ST is that he’s going to be available with more exterior color choices. That way, new Fiesta ST is perfect for the younger generations, even the picky ones. We can see that there are some differences on the rear side as well.

On the front, new 2020 Ford Fiesta ST doesn’t have any differences today. We assume that the front fascia is made to be bigger than before and equipped with finer materials. Now, Ford uses mostly carbon fiber and some chrome parts. That way, new Fiesta ST looks shiny and classier than before. Ford uses all of the experience they can to make him stronger as well. Now, they’ve given him brand new tires to make him faster than before and to provide better grip on the road. Not only that, new Fiesta ST is made to have better suspension which makes it perfect around the corners as well.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Cabin

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Interior Look, Style, Differences

When we’re looking inside, new 2020 Ford Fiesta ST is great for everybody. Now, Ford is doing everything they can to make it better and cozier. We can see that the new Fiesta ST has more room to offer for the passengers. Not only for the passengers to sit, but Ford has also done some differences when it comes to the cargo area as well. Larger cargo area means more for the passengers when you’re heading for some longer trips. We are sure that every passenger can enjoy every second inside this car. It is more than sure that new Fiesta ST is made with finer and better materials inside. Now, some details are saying that new Fiesta ST is made using nothing but the finest leather used. What is also sure about new Fiesta ST won’t be using any plastic part.

With everything that’s used inside new 2020 Ford Fiesta ST, we know that there will be everything that can make the passengers better than before. What is great is that Ford does everything to make the passengers and the driver able to control all the functions easier than before. On top of the instrument board, we can see that the touchscreen, which works as a central display, is 10.0-inches wide now. That touchscreen is made to be more driver oriented. Even the steering wheel is equipped with more buttons and functions which makes the driver capable to control all of the functions easier than before. What is also important is that you can really control all of those functions while he keeps full attention on the road.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Rear

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Engine, Power, Performances, MPG

We know almost everything about new 2020 Ford Fiesta ST and about his design, inside and outside. What we don’t know for sure are all the engine units that are going to be used under the hood of new Fiesta ST. At the moment, we know only one engine unit that’s available for new Fiesta ST. Now, that is the 1.6-liter petrol powered unit with 4-cylinder. It is said that this engine unit can develop the power of the 130 horses which is more than enough for new Fiesta ST. Of course, we aren’t satisfied with this being the only one engine unit so we’re expecting more engine units that are going to provide even greater power amount.

We know that Ford must do everything to keep the customers interesting for the new Fiesta ST. Therefore, new Fiesta ST must do everything to keep the fuel consumption reduced. It is said that new Fiesta ST will have its engine units mated to the 8-speed automatic transmission system. With it, fuel consumption is reduced to the minimum level.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Ford Fiesta ST is set to be released for the starting price of $23.500. Also, new Fiesta ST is set to be released at the January 2020 which is happening really soon.

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