2020 Ford Explorer Price, MPG

2020 Ford Explorer Front

In the world of SUVs, the new 2020 Ford Explorer is set to become the leader of all around the world. Based on the first impression, it seems that Ford`s engineers want new Explorer to be the leader on the United States market first. We can say that based on the increased overall size. New Explorer becomes bigger than it was before. New Explorer is now fully increased. We know that`s something that customers will absolutely love this time. Let`s all take some minutes to read and see what are the details that are going to make him special and different from the others.

2020 Ford Explorer Front

2020 Ford Explorer Exterior Look, Shape, Appearance

As we`ve said, the first thing you`re going to notice on the exterior of new 2020 Ford Explorer is that he`s bigger than before. Now, he`s transferred from the mid-size SUV to the full-size SUV category. That`s a great and amazing improvement made from Ford`s engineers. We know that they`re going to do the entire thing they can to make him closer to the customers. Now, it is obvious that they`re not just making him stronger than before. They`re trying to make him lose some weight as well. That’s hard to do when the overall size is bigger but with all the great things made, that`s even possible for new Explorer. He has lost over 200 pounds this time. That`s possible thanks to the aluminum and carbon fiber usage in the chassis.

After all, they have done some thinking’s about the performances as well. 2020 Ford Explorer arrives on the 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels. Not only the wheels are better, but Ford has also done some effort to make the tires better. Therefore, they have used the ones that are so similar to the ones used on the Raptor which is one of their finest off-road vehicles. That means that they`re trying to do the same with new Explorer. They want him to become a true off-road car. An attached rear spoiler is one more thing that does that. It improves the appearance but it really does a great thing for the aerodynamic abilities which means a world to the performances. All in all, new Explorer looks the same but it feels way better than before, that`s the secret behind this SUV.

2020 Ford Explorer Cabin

2020 Ford Explorer Interior Look, Size, Comfort Level

Inside this car, we are even happier than we are with it on the outside. New 2020 Ford Explorer is now filled with so many finest materials that we just don`t know where to start from. The thing that makes us so happy is the fact that they haven`t used any plastic part inside this awesome car. That makes him classier than ever before. New Explorer now easily can be entered and welcomed to that market. The seats are now really special. They`re made fully from the top quality Alcantara leather. That way, the passengers are feeling like they`re sitting on a cloud. Ford has done more than serious work to do that. There are more than 15 directions of adjustments. What is even better is that they`re so close to your hand which makes them easily reachable.

The instrument board inside this car is the finest thing. It is the story for itself. 2020 Ford Explorer is better than his predecessor thanks to the fewer buttons that are placed on it. We can see that the touchscreen is bigger than before. That tells us that Ford wants to make it works easier than before. New Explorer becomes the leader on the market slow and one step at a time. Now, Ford didn`t work that much on the infotainment system so they have left all the functions from the previous generation. Of course, you don`t have to worry about the software’s because they have made the updated.

2020 Ford Explorer Rear

2020 Ford Explorer Engine, Performances, Power

The engine unit is also a super important part for new 2020 Ford Explorer. Now, Ford has used its reputation to attract some of the finest engineers. They have created the perfect engine unit for this kind of SUV. It is mentioned that he`s going to be powered with the 2.7-liter V6 unit. This unit is going to be powered with the petrol power only, not diesel option this time for new Explorer. This engine is special because it can produce maximum power using the minimum energy. Now, we`re more happy to know that this engine works amazingly to produce the 325 horsepower and 370 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. This power amount is more than amazing.

This engine works with the 9-speed automatic transmission system in pair. That is the gearbox that you can blame for the reduced fuel consumption. It is estimated to be just 30 mpg in combined driving city/highway.

2020 Ford Explorer Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Ford Explorer is set to go on sale in May 2020. What is special is that his starting price is slight, just slightly increased when we compare him with his predecessor. It`s going to be around $35.500 this time.

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