2020 Ford Expedition Release date, Specs

2020 Ford Expedition Front

We know that Ford really knows how to produce an awesome looking car and new 2020 Ford Expedition surely is all of that. They have done some serious work to make it look as it is today but, after all, they have serious plans with it in the future. Now, for new Expedition, the future starts. We are so proud to be the ones to talk you about the arrival of this amazing SUV because there aren`t that many people that are owning the information`s we have. So, pay close attention and take a good look at them all.

2020 Ford Expedition Front

2020 Ford Expedition Exterior Changes, Specs, Review

Looking at the exterior design which is the first thing we can notice on new 2020 Ford Expedition, there are some really important changes and differences. New Expedition is made to be closer to the ground which is a small difference in the shape of this SUV. Ford has announced some changes as well when it comes to the shape of new Expedition. It has sharper edges on the front and slightly rounder on the rear end. What we must mention is the rear end is equipped with the attached rear spoiler which makes his appearance slightly restyled. Not only it is restyled, but it is also made to be stronger and sportier than before.

New 2020 Ford Expedition arrives on the 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels. It makes new Expedition stronger than before and makes his appearance better. All in all, a new Expedition looks bigger that way. Also, Ford has announced that new Expedition is made to have less exterior color choices. They want to offer him only in the basic ones. That way, the new Expedition becomes one of the extra classy SUVs. That is surely the level that new Expedition deserves to be planted on. It seems that a new Expedition arrives with a renewed set of lamps. Those lamps are making him waste less energy than ever before. What is even better, it really improves the visibility of this SUV. What is even better is that way, safety is also increased.

2020 Ford Expedition Cabin

2020 Ford Expedition Interior Look, Style, Appearance

When we`re looking inside new 2020 Ford Expedition we can spot some differences as well. They aren`t that big as those on the exterior but they`re also important. New Expedition is covered with amazing leather materials. Those materials are helping him use all of the strength and abilities to make the passengers inside love him more than ever before. Ford is really doing an important job in making him better and cozier. Now, they have changed the design of the seats. Those seats are now made from the top quality Alcantara leather. Not only they`re made with better materials, but they`re also available with both heating and cooling options. That way, the passengers are really enjoying the most amazing comfort level that is ever present inside any Ford`s SUV model.

The infotainment system is really important for new 2020 Ford Expedition which makes him one of the best equipped on the market. Ford still isn`t willing to talk about all of them but we can assume that there will be more safe than the entertainment ones. With them, the families are going to choose him more than they were before. It is a great way where Ford is heading with new Expedition. They`re trying to make him closer to a lot of other passengers and customers. They want to open the world for new Expedition. That is available to be done only on the way that Ford really does it. The cabin of this car is more than just impressive.

2020 Ford Expedition Rear

2020 Ford Expedition Engine, Power, Performances, Specs

The engine unit is clearly the most important part of a new 2020 Ford Expedition. It is said that it’s going to be powered with the 6.7-liter V8 petrol powered unit. Even though some rumors are saying that this engine could be available with diesel power as well. We are absolutely looking forward to this engine unit because we know that he can develop enormous power amount. According to the first sources, that’s going to be around the 440 horsepower and torque of 860 lb/ft as the maximum amount. That’s more than enough for this type of SUV. What is also great is the gearbox. It is mated to the 10-speed automatic transmission system. This time, the fuel consumption is set to be lower than ever before.

2020 Ford Expedition Price and Estimated Launch Date

The estimated release date for new 2020 Ford Expedition is set to be March 2020. New Expedition is going to be released for the price of $47.500.

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