2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Front

There are several new Ford models but 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid is really one of those with the greatest potential. Now, C-Max is going to be served to the customers with hybrid engine option which can do more than a great job. There are no customers that don’t want their cars to serve the planet Earth. Well, new C-Max can do just that. We’re here to show you how amazing this car can be and how, surprisingly, he can be fast and strong.

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Front

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Exterior Design, Specs, Shape

In the first appearance, C-Max has made it make us want even more from him. Now, they want to repeat the same success and to be even better. Therefore, the new 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid is made to be better than before thanks to a new set of shape and some changes when it comes to the platform of this car. Now, the platform is made to serve the entire vehicle. New C-Max, thanks to that restyled made in the platform has lost more than 300 pounds. Ford has done a great job to make you really love this vehicle. New C-Max arrives on the 18.0-inches wide alloy wheels and with new tires. Those tires are making him really become stronger and more useful for the customers.

As we’ve said, new 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid has suffered some changes on the shape. The edges are sharper than before which result in him be stronger than before. The first thing we’ve noticed is that he’s placed closer to the ground. That won’t affect your driving around the city. It is still going to be great enough. On the front, we can notice that recognizable grille that is slightly wider than before. That way, Ford ensures that he becomes slightly classier than he used to be. In the matter of headlights, they’re going to remain the same as before but it is announced that they’re using a brand new set of lamps. With them, Ford thinks they can reduce the waste of energy which is amazing to know.

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Cabin

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Interior Look, Style

It is obvious that Ford’s designers want to create the cabin of their new 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid to be cozier than ever before. That’s why we can really see some differences. Most of them are placed on the instrument board. Therefore, we can notice that the C-Max has a smaller instrument board. That means that there are fewer buttons on it. With those differences, new C-Max is allowed to create more room for the seats. Now, the seats are bigger than before and they allow more room for the passengers to feel cozy and relaxed. In addition to that, there is more headroom for the passengers as well. We’re loving the way new C-Max is created this time.

What is even better for the customers to know is that new 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid is offered with the supreme infotainment system. With it, the passengers and the driver can really enjoy every part of new C-Max. We can also see that new C-Max has way more safety functions installed than he used to be. Now, Ford’s designers have really made a great balance between safety and entertainment functions. That’s great for the passengers to know. Also, you should know that the steering wheel is equipped with way more controls than before. That’s brilliant and you can really see that the driver can pay more attention to the road ahead this time.

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Rear

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Engine, Power, Performances

The engine unit is more than important for the customers to know about it. New 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid is offered with brand new engine unit which makes it really great and useful. He’s going to be powered using the finest combination of the 2.0-liter petrol powered 4-cylinder unit that’s working in pair with an electric motor. This engine uses 3 lithium-ion batteries. With this combination, you know that it’s going to be safer than ever to drive new C-Max. It is great for new C-Max to know that he can develop around 188 horsepower and torque amount of 130 lb/ft as the maximum.

We know that’s the finest thing why you’re choosing new C-Max before some others. This one is now capable to be driven over 50 miles when you drive him using nothing but the electric engine. When you plug this car into your regular house outlet, it’s going to take him around 3 hours to be fully charged. But, if you choose to plug him into official Ford outlet, it’s going to take him only hour or less to be fully charged which is great to know.

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

The official price for the new 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid is set to be $42.500. What we know about it is that his release date is set to be May 2020.

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