2019 Ford Transit Passenger, XLT

2019 Ford Transit Front

Large SUVs are popular today and among them, new 2019 Ford Transit surely takes the high place on the list. That`s surely thanks to the amazing work that Ford`s designers and engineers have done with this model in the past. Now, we can see that Transit looks modernized which is the best way to increase the sales numbers of this model. Maybe it has lost some of the things from the past but we like it the way it looks today as well. Just wait and you`ll see, you`re going to love him now even more.

2019 Ford Transit Front

2019 Ford Transit Redesign, Changes, Exterior

The most important part of the new 2019 Ford Transit is definitely the engine but next to it, it is his exterior design. The exterior design looks spectacular now. Ford`s designers really made an effort to make some things better. Not only that they have made some things better, they have made a lot of things better. For example, new Transit is bigger than before. That`s one of the ways how you can improve the popularity of your car on the American market. With it, the platform is also better which brings better performances to the new Transit. Just look at the front fascia and you`ll see where the most changes have placed. For example, the hood looks longer but the grille is a bit thinner than before. Next, to the grille, we can see that the headlights are bigger.

What is also important is the headlights are using brand new lamps technology. Those lamps are now combination between LED and bi-xenon lamps. The safety is improved with the increased visibility. Below the grille, there are fog lights on both of the sides. The great thing about new 2019 Ford Transit is that fog lights are now part of the basic equipment of this SUV. Next to it, we must talk a little bit about the sides of new Transit. There are really nicely shaped lines which are making new Transit look sportier than before. They make this car looks stronger. That`s one of the goals of Ford`s designers. On the back, we can`t really spot some big changes. Those changes are making this back part looks sharper. For example, the rear glass looks bigger than before while the taillights are smaller.

2019 Ford Transit Interior

2019 Ford Transit Interior Look, Cabin Shape, Style

As this is full-size SUV, new 2019 Ford Transit is expected to be extra cozy and spacious. That`s the only way how you can make the passengers and the customers to love your model. We are more than thrilled with the news that is coming out of Ford`s factory because they still don`t want to reveal all the news about it. We have noticed that new looks sharper and that it is made using top quality materials. Even in the basic trim level, Ford hasn`t used the basic plastic, they have used some finer materials. For the higher trim levels, new Transit is expected to be made with the amazing Alcantara leather. With it, the passengers inside will enjoy every second of the journey.

The rest of the cabin inside 2019 Ford Transit is really interesting. The instrument board looks spectacular even though it isn`t as modern as we are used to seeing in some similar models today. Ford wants to leave something from the previous generation which will remind you of the previous version of the Transit. In the middle of it, new Transit has the bigger touchscreen. Now, the dimensions are 8.0-inches wide. All of the previous functions are improved with new software design. With it, you will not have any problem with driving new Transit. He can be connected to many different devices.

2019 Ford Transit Rear

2019 Ford Transit Engine, Performances, Power

This is one extra strong SUV model so we expect to see him improved with the finer power to handle. New 2019 Ford Transit is now equipped with the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol powered engine unit. This one can develop 169 horsepower and 171 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. We are proud to say that we already have the fuel consumption numbers. This engine is connected with the 6-speed automatic transmission system which can really reduce the number of gallons you`ll spend. This time, that will be 19/27 mpg in city/highway driving.

2019 Ford Transit Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2019 Ford Transit can`t be available on the streets before May 2019. The starting price for this model is set to be $33k which is great since we know that much about it.

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