2019 Ford Transit Connect Van

2019 Ford Transit Connect Front

Ford has varieties of models and new 2019 Ford Transit Connect is one of them. That`s the model that can make the work easier. With new Transit Connect, you`re getting the better experience, especially when you`re driving around the city. It won`t be like the full-size truck but it`s going to be more than useful. When it comes to the details on the exterior, there won`t be so many changes but it`s going to be more than attractive. Let`s take a quick peek at the overall look of this newly designed Transit Connect. 

2019 Ford Transit Connect Front

2019 Ford Transit Connect Redesign, Exterior, Shape

As we`ve mentioned, new 2019 Ford Transit Connect won`t be that much different when we`re looking at the exterior design. It is obvious that Ford`s engineers are doing a great job because it really looks sharp. You can really enjoy driving new Transit Connect because it really looks like a fine truck-minivan. Ford has mentioned that new Transit Connect can`t be picked by any of the customers because it is meant to be only for special customers which knows what they want from their car.

Not those much spectacular details can be spotted but all of those that are arriving are looking incredible. A front fascia is definitely a place where Ford`s designers will pay more attention to. The hood is longer which makes it look stronger than before. The grille next to it is wider than before which is Ford`s attempt to increase the price for this new Transit Connect.

They haven`t made any of the changes on the sides except they`ve placed 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels. They`re bigger than before which makes this car stronger while he uses less energy than before. That`s the path on which new 2019 Ford Transit Connect should be focused. The path of being environmentally friendly. Not many trucks can brag with that so that could easily become his advantage. Looking at the rear part we can`t see any changes there so we can assume that Ford still doesn`t have any plan to redesign it. But, in the end, we love it the way it is. Also, we can`t forget to mention that new Transit Connect is arriving in more than one trim level so there could be some difference among them as well.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Interior

2019 Ford Transit Connect Interior Look, Style, Appearance

Inside, this new 2019 Ford Transit Connect looks spectacular and it looks like it quite new and modernized. That’s one of the ways how you can ensure that your car can receive more popularity than before. One thing is sure, if you create the instrument board to look like it looks inside new Transit Connect, you can be sure that you’re receiving a lot. Now, that instrument board is bigger than before but it features fewer buttons than before. That’s one of the easiest ways how you can create a modernized car. Everything that’s installed in new Transit Connect is available to be controlled using the power of your own voice or using the central touchscreen. Amazing job by Ford’s engineers.

When it comes to the passengers’ comfort, we must say that new 2019 Ford Transit Connect is among the best ones on the market. Ford has really done the serious job about it. The seats are restyled and there is more room for the passengers and for the cargo they’re carrying. What is perfect about the cabin of new Transit Connect is that the seats are improved in more than one way. For example, not only that Ford’s engineers have added better lumbar and sides support, they’ve made them available to be heated and cooled on a press of a button. Great improvement.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Side

2019 Ford Transit Connect Engine, Power, Performances

So far, really few information’s are available about the engine options for new 2019 Ford Transit Connect. What we know is the only one engine unit. That’s going to be the 2.5-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit. This perfect engine unit is available to produce power of 169 horses and around 171 lb/ft as torque amount. This engine, as every other for new Transit Connect, is mated to the 6-speed automatic transmission system. This one can send all the power to the every one of the four wheels on this powerful truck. The fuel consumption is reduced and it is estimated to be 19/27 mpg city/highway.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Price and Estimated Arrival Date

$33k will be the starting price for new 2019 Ford Transit Connect. The release date is a bit trickier to estimate but we know it can’t be released before May 2019.

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