2019 Ford Thunderbird Returning

2019 Ford Thunderbird Front

We just love improved ad and faster car versions such as new 2019 Ford Thunderbird. This is the improved version of the good old Thunderbird. According to the rumors, the new Thunderbird should be different from the basic one mainly from the engine units that are going to be available. We know that new Thunderbird is available with stronger engine choices. But, to leave the rumors for those that love to do that, we’re going to talk about new Thunderbird using mainly facts which are available. Take a look.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Front

2019 Ford Thunderbird Exterior design, Refreshed Style, Appearance

As we have said, new 2019 Ford Thunderbird won’t be that much different from the basic version of Fiesta. Most of the differences on the exterior are there to make new Thunderbird look stronger. Therefore, we can see that the rear part of this car has attached rear spoiler, for the first time on a Thunderbird. Also, new Thunderbird is arriving on 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels. It is obvious that they are bigger than the old ones. When we are talking about the rear part, we must mention some other changes on that part of new Fiesta ST. The taillights are wider and they are using the finest lamps. Also, we can spot that the exhaustion pipes are bigger which is something to expect since the engine is stronger this time.

The sides of the 2019 Ford Thunderbird are completed with the new lines. With those kinds of the design, new 2019 Ford Thunderbird has already stronger look. On both sides, we can see that the air vents are larger. One more evidence that new Thunderbird is definitely arriving to be stronger than before, or to be precise, to be stronger than ever. When it comes to the front part of this car, we can notice some minor changes there. The biggest ones are the headlights. They are now wider than before and they are now touching the grille. The grille is obviously made using nothing but the chrome which can make it shiny.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Cabin

2019 Ford Thunderbird Interior design, Infotainment system

Even though this is the legendary car, Ford has prepared some really amazing features. All of the changes that are made inside 2019 Ford Thunderbird are there to make him functional. Also, Ford has huge plans for making him easier to be controlled. Therefore, we know that’s the plan with 10.0-inches wide touchscreen. Next, to it, we can spot that, other than climate controller buttons, there aren’t almost any additional buttons presented. That can place new Thunderbird among the best-equipped sedans on the market. We can honestly say that is the place where new Thunderbird really deserves to be.

The steering wheel on new 2019 Ford Thunderbird is bigger than before and now it is rounder as well. That is the proof that is equipped with more buttons. Everything inside new Thunderbird shows us that it’s going to make the driver able to control almost all of the functions while he pays full attention to the road ahead. It is also important that the passengers have more room than before. Now, the passengers can enjoy more room for themselves and for the cargo they’re carrying. Great thing to make the customers love new Thunderbird than they’ve loved his predecessor.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Rear

2019 Ford Thunderbird Engine, Power, Performances

Now, since we are all here to see the engine which is making new 2019 Ford Thunderbird stronger than ever, Ford is being pretty mysterious about it. There are only few available information’s about it. We have heard that it’s going to be powered using the 5.2-liter V8 petrol powered unit. This one is more than powerful and we already have the power amount ready for this engine unit. It’s going to make it create around 280 horsepower and 300 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. We have heard that the 8-speed automatic transmission system will be the only choice for every engine that appears available for new Thunderbird.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The price for new 2019 Ford Thunderbird can’t be below $34.000 and that’s great. When it comes to the date when this new Thunderbird is going to be released, we expect it to be around May 2019.

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