2019 Ford Taurus Specs, Review

2019 Ford Taurus Front

If there’s a car that can make a market become speechless, that’s definitely new 2019 Ford Taurus. It is one of the Ford’s most famous models so we know that the customers already have some feelings about it. With this new generation, Ford’s creators have the goal to return him on the paths of the old glory. Everything we have heard about it so far tells us that they’re more than capable to do that. Let’s find out all the details about new Taurus.

2019 Ford Taurus Front

2019 Ford Taurus Exterior Appearance, Style, Shape

The exterior shape of new 2019 Ford Taurus is exactly how a perfect sedan should be designed. There’s not much to talk about it besides saying that it’s going to be functional. Ford’s really trying to make him look sensational as well as functional. That’s hard job in front of them but we think that they really know how to accomplish that. Well, after all, new Taurus is the proof for that. The front fascia is dropped lower than before which makes it look a bit stronger. With it, you’re ensuring that the customers really want to buy him because of his appearance, not only because of his functionality. It is one huge step forward from Ford’s engineering and designing team. Even though they have announced that new Taurus will not feature some bigger exterior changes, we can really spot some of them.

For example, new 2019 Ford Taurus has that wide headlights which wasn’t that big on his predecessor. Next, both of the bumpers have received fog lights in the basic trim level. That means you’re having better equipment on new Taurus. Also, new Taurus is arriving on 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels which weren’t there in the basic trim level of the previous generation of Taurus. Everything on him tells us that his engineers and designers have really took their job extra carefully and serious. The result is here, that’s for sure. New Taurus looks better and there is more interest from the customers.

2019 Ford Taurus Interior

2019 Ford Taurus Interior Look, Materials, Comfort level

Looking inside new 2019 Ford Taurus tells us more than one thing but one of them comes first on our mind. New Taurus is cozier and roomier than before. That’s great because this new Taurus is perfect family car and it really growing to become quite a leader on that field. His engineers and designers have done some serious job to make it look that way. They have changed the way how his instrument board looks and they have made it smaller than before. In addition to that, there are fewer buttons present there which makes his touchscreen bigger. That’s making new Taurus modernized and one of the best equipped sedans on the market. Some of those controls are transferred to the steering wheel and some of them can be used with nothing but your own voice.

Looking further, new 2019 Ford Taurus seems even more interesting. First, the ambient lights are improved and they can look exactly how you want them because you have more than one color option. The seats are restyled and that might be the best thing that Ford’s engineers have done inside. They’ve made them available with both heating and cooling options in the basic trim level which is maybe the first time for Ford’s sedan model. New Taurus is really setting some new levels and rules. The customers and the passengers inside will love every part of it.

We can’t forget to mention that new Taurus is equipped with newly developed SYNC 3 connection system which is the best thing that Ford’s engineers have done in ages when it comes to the infotainment system.

2019 Ford Taurus Rear

2019 Ford Taurus Engine, Power, Abilities

At the moment, Ford is willing to tell us only one of the options for new Taurus but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any additional ones. According to the rumors, there will be more than 3 engine choices available for new 2019 Ford Taurus.

First, basic choice, the only one we’ve heard about is the 3.5-liter V6 petrol powered unit. This one can develop the power of 288 horses and torque of 264 lb/ft as the maximum. This is great power amount for a sedan like new Taurus is. We are more than happy with this engine unit and we can only think how strong will be some additional engine choice.

Every one of them will work in pair with the 8-speed transmission system which can send the power only to the front two wheels. The fuel consumption is reduced and those are definitely great news.

2019 Ford Taurus Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for new 2019 Ford Taurus is set to be $44.000 which is the great offer for this kind of sedan. Even though it is almost close to being fully completed, his release date is set to be June 2019.

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