2019 Ford Ranger Ready for off-road

2019 Ford Ranger Front

Ford as one of the most popular cars Company in the world has to provide the customers with the most amazing models. New 2019 Ford Ranger is one of those when it comes to the off-road trucks. They are ready to reveal all the important things about new Ranger so you can feel really close to him. We will introduce you to new Ranger using this review which contains all the important details about this truck model. We have really high hopes about this new Ranger because his predecessor was extra popular.

2019 Ford Ranger Front

2019 Ford Ranger Exterior Redesign, Shape, Style

The exterior of this new 2019 Ford Ranger pretty much tells you the story about this car. It is designed to be perfect for the off-road driving. And it really is. Everything that Ford has done tells us that they have been really committed to it. If you’re that committed to something, then the result must come. We have really high hopes that new Ranger can reach all the things we want him to reach. The first impression is more than amazing. His body is stunning and it looks extremely strong and sharp. Just take a look at the tires he’s equipped with. They are 22.0-inches wide and they are specially made for this generation of Ranger. They are equipped with amazing grip and with them, you can be sure that he can go over any obstacle.

It is more than obvious that everything on new 2019 Ford Ranger is designed with extreme care. The front part tells us that also. It is equipped with a wide grille that’s almost connected with the headlights. The headlights are now located a bit closer to the grille which makes this car looks stronger. Under the headlights, we can see newly installed fog lights which are using the same lamps as the headlights itself. Those would be LED technology lamps which are proven to be the best. The rear end is equipped with the taillights which are positioned closer to one another. Both of the bumpers are reinforced with hard steel usage. Beneath the taillights, we can see that the exhaustion pipes are bigger. In addition to that, we must say that the trunk is bigger but that won’t affect the interior size and room for the passengers.

2019 Ford Ranger Interior

2019 Ford Ranger Interior looks, Materials, Appearance

Knowing Ford, we are sure that they’re going to pay even bigger attention to the passengers feeling inside than they’ve paid to the exterior design. New Ranger is expected to be equipped with only premium materials inside to provide some classy feeling for those inside. That way, you’re driving the perfect off-road car while you have the feeling like you’re driving inside some classy SUV. Ford wants new 2019 Ford Ranger to be the leader of the entirely new category on the market. That’s going to be the category called luxury trucks. Everything we can see so far tells us that new Ranger can easily become the leader of that category. Just one look at the seats is enough so you can also figure that out.

Those seats for new 2019 Ford Ranger are now completed with Alcantara leather and with finest lumbar support. That’s especially important in the off-road driving so your back will not feel a thing when you go over some bumps on the road. The rest of the cabin is also made with extreme attention and care for the passengers. The instrument board is more driver oriented than before which allows the driver to control almost all of the functions while he pays his full attention to the road ahead. For those functions which don’t have the controls on the instrument board, Ford enabled voice control as an option if you’re willing to pay a bit more.

2019 Ford Ranger Rear

2019 Ford Ranger Engine, Performance, Power

As we’ve said, it is meant for new 2019 Ford Ranger to be the amazing off-road car. Now, the engine options will tell you the same story. That means that both of the engine choices available for new Ranger are extra strong and capable. The first choice is 2.3-liter unit EcoBoost engine. This one is capable to supply new Ranger with the power of 280 horses and 310 lb/ft as torque amount. In addition to that, Ford’s engineers have made one more so you can choose the one you want. 2nd option is 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 twin turbocharged unit. 310 horsepower and 350 lb/ft as torque are the power amount this one is capable to provide.

When it comes to the transmission system, both of these engines can be paired with either 6-speed or 8-speed automatic gearbox, it’s up to you to choose. AWD is available with both of the choices.

2019 Ford Ranger Price and Estimated Launch date

Starting price for new 2019 Ford Ranger comes at $35k which doesn’t put him in the super expensive trucks. The release date is closer to the end of 2018 than it is to the beginning of 2019 so we expect him in the December 2018.

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