2019 Ford Mondeo Launch Date, Price

2019 Ford Mondeo Front

The arrival of new 2019 Ford Mondeo is truly something special because this is the car you want to see on the market. Every next generation of this car brings us something new. According to the rumors, that`s the same with this generation. It is truly something we want to see. We definitely love this model more than all of the others. Ford still isn`t willing to reveal all the important information`s about this model but some of them we have managed to hear. Take a look at most of them.

2019 Ford Mondeo Front

2019 Ford Mondeo Redesign, Exterior Style

The exterior design of new 2019 Ford Mondeo isn`t that much interesting. Even though Ford is trying to make it modernized, they still don`t want to create him to be totally new and not that recognizable on the streets. The shape has remained to be the same as before with some minor details changed. This time, the front fascia is lowered a bit more than before but also to look the same as before. Even with that shape of the platform, new Mondeo will continue being the perfect city car. Ford doesn`t want to make him fast by whatever cost. They don`t want him to be unavailable to go over some minor obstacles in the city. Front fascia now has those perfectly shaped headlights which are larger than before. With those increase headlights, you know that the safety is improved as well.

Next, to the headlights, we can see that the grille is improved as well. The grille is now wider and made entirely from chrome. That makes new 2019 Ford Mondeo looks a bit classier than we have used to see him. Ford still hasn`t announced any changes to happen on the sides of new Mondeo which isn`t bad because his previous generation had amazing lines and decent air vents as well. The back part isn`t that simple this time. It is made with larger rear glass which is the first thing you`re going to notice on the back. The taillights are different this time as well. They`re bigger and made to have sharper edges which are also better looking and it suits this vehicle. More exterior colors are announced and we must love that.

2019 Ford Mondeo Interior

2019 Ford Mondeo Interior Price, Materials, Specs

The first thing you can imagine about the cabin of new 2019 Ford Mondeo is that it is absolutely comfortable and spacious. That is one of the things why Mondeo has never lost his popularity on the market. We`re more than certain knowledge that you`ll love this car and every part of his cabin. Some of the sources really close to Ford`s officials have said that the cabin of new Mondeo is made using not any part from plastic. That`s the first time Ford has done that with one affordable sedan. With it, he can enter even luxury sedan level. This time, it is still far away from this model but someday in the future, it could be placed there.

The almost entire cabin is made using top quality materials which aren`t leather. The leather is used only in the high trim levels which are there to provide you with the amazing comfort level. With this kind of seats that are said to be installed in new 2019 Ford Mondeo, we know that the family car market is set to be conquered. The lumbar support is better, and we can say the same for the sides support as well. Ford was really good with the customers since they have added heating and cooling options in the basic trim level. That is one of the things how they`re going to increase the price for new Mondeo but in the same way, so you`re going to be fine with it. After all, who wouldn`t love to have heating and cooling seat option in the basic trim level.

2019 Ford Mondeo Rear

2019 Ford Mondeo Engine, Power, Transmission

As we`re used to, Ford isn`t willing to show us more than one engine options for every new model they release on the market. This time, new 2019 Ford Mondeo is available with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost petrol powered unit. This engine can produce around 238 horsepower and the torque of 180 lb/ft. Great power amount is hidden under the hood of new Mondeo. This great looking car deserves this kind of engine unit.

This engine, as well as all of the others, is working in pair with the 8-speed automatic transmission system. We still don`t know will this engine and its transmission system can send all of the power to every one of the wheels but we`ll let you know the moment we found that out.

2019 Ford Mondeo Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 Ford Mondeo is set to be May 2019. We have heard that the price is set to be $33k.

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