2019 Ford Kuga Exterior, Interior, Changes

2019 Ford Kuga Front

According to Ford’s engineers, new 2019 Ford Kuga is arriving at the market somewhere at the beginning of new 2019. We are more than happy with this news because this is the SUV we are all waiting for. New Kuga is definitely arriving to make everything better. New Kuga is more than decent and it’s going to be the true representative of the famous school of Ford’s SUV building. Take a look at all they know to do. Everything is shown on new Kuga.

2019 Ford Kuga Front

2019 Ford Kuga Redesign, Exterior Shape

The exterior design was always something that Ford could brag about. They want to continue to brag about that when it comes to new 2019 Ford Kuga as well. The first details and the first information’s about it tell us that they will. It’s going to be bigger than before and we love it that way. That’s one of the ways how Ford can be sure that the passengers can love this car. We all know that the customers in the American market love full-size SUV. New Kuga is a true representative of that market. You don’t need to worry about his overall weight because it is actually even reduced. The secret about that is that they’ve used only lightweight materials. The biggest amount of the chassis is made from aluminum. New Kuga is arriving on 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are the amazing choice for this SUV.

2019 Ford Kuga Platform style

When you’re looking at the details on the exterior you can’t really find some great changes when you compare this generation with his predecessor. The front fascia is looking as brilliant as before. It is equipped with amazing headlights design which is looking slightly bigger than before. What is great is that those wheels are made to use new lamps. Those lamps are great because they are great for the environment. LED and bi-xenon combination is perfect for modern times. The grille is also bigger than before but its made in the same style as before.

That way, 2019 Ford Kuga is looking similar to the predecessor but somehow new. On the sides, new Kuga looks a bit sportier than it is shown before. Everything on new Kuga tells us that Ford now wants to make it look stronger so it could enter some other market. That way, they’re completing the possession for Ford’s model.

2019 Ford Kuga Interior

2019 Ford Kuga Interior Look, Appearance

When we’re looking inside new 2019 Ford Kuga, the first thing you’re going to see inside is that amazing instrument board. That’s the way how Ford wants to enter the modern market. Other than that, Ford made new Kuga to looks spectacular with the newly installed ambient lightning. Ford’s engineers are doing a great job inside. You can actually choose the color you want inside by your mood. More than one color is available. That’s the same with the color of the entire cabin. You can choose the color of the leather that’s going to be used to complete the seats. Basic colors inside are the black and white combination but you can be more creative inside to make it look better than all the others.

The seats themselves are obviously designed to be spectacular. Ford’s engineers have really done their best to create the great environment for the passengers so they can enjoy the ride, even in those longer journeys. The lumbar and the sides support are amazing. New 2019 Ford Kuga can’t be that popular if he doesn’t have that kind of the infotainment system. Maybe the greatest part of that infotainment system is that he’s going to be completed with amazing connection options. That’s the great way to attract your car to the larger families with children.

2019 Ford Kuga Rear

2019 Ford Kuga Engine, Performances, Power

We still don’t have that much information’s about the engine units available for new 2019 Ford Kuga. At this moment, we know only one option. That’s going to be the 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol powered unit. This powerful and useful engine unit can produce great power amount. To be precise, that’s going to be 150 horsepower and torque amount of 180 lb/ft as maximum.

What is sure is that all of the engine options are working in pair with 6-speed or with the 9-speed automatic transmission system. It is up to the engine unit you’ll choose.

2019 Ford Kuga Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The starting price for new 2019 Ford Kuga is set to be $46.500 or a bit higher. The release date for new Kuga as the true representative of full-size SUV category is set to be May 2019.

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