2019 Ford GT Top Speed, Performances

2019 Ford GT Front

One of the Ford`s best, new 2019 Ford GT is almost surely receiving its new generation. That makes us incredibly happy because we are true fans of GT. GT has always represented what is best in Ford, comfort, and speed together. Even though he`s not extra roomy inside, he`s more than enough to receive 2 adult passengers. Today, Ford has announced some bigger changes for this model and all of them are working in customers` benefit. Let`s see what is changed on this car.

2019 Ford GT Front

2019 Ford GT Redesign, Changes, Appearance

Of course, as you know it, new 2019 Ford GT is made to look as the extra fast car that he really is. It is lowered this time, it is placed really close to the ground. That can bring him some troubles on the road, especially in the city but we think that the best cities in the world are made for new GT so he won`t feel like he isn`t welcome there.

He can go over any obstacle modern city brings him. For the first time, we will not start a review with front fascia. This time, we`ll start from the back. On the back, you won`t see anything new when the car is parked beside the road. But when you turn him on, and especially when you hit that gas pedal, everything on new GT is waking up. Rear wing pops out and the rear bumper slightly drops down.

New 2019 Ford GT is arriving on 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are painted in black. That black color brings him another dose of luxury, exactly the one he needs. We must mention those astonishing exhaustion pipes on the back, dual ones. They`re way bigger than before and placed on the middle, not on the sides of the rear part. We can move to the front fascia now. The headlights are extra thin and positioned to be slightly lower than before. The front bumper looks stronger than before which is Ford`s goal for this generation of GT. New GT is one of the first cars that`s going to make you look at air vents first and then to the grille. Sensation car definitely.

2019 Ford GT Interior

2019 Ford GT Interior Design, Materials

As we`ve said, new 2019 Ford GT isn`t the most comfortable car on the market. He isn`t the most spacious one but he`s definitely special. Ford makes him perfect for two. We could say, two lucky passengers. For those two inside, new GT can offer everything you need and everything you want. Extreme comfort, great technical abilities, an amazing feeling when you drive this beast. The seats inside new GT are positioned in a different way than before. They`re obviously lower than before. That brings incredible feeling when you drive him using his maximum power. Also, they can be adjusted in more than 15 directions and all that just on a press of a button. What a support from Ford`s engineers.

Definitely, the first thing you`re going to notice inside new 2019 Ford GT can tell you enough about this car. You can really see that he`s all about the speed. The first thing you`re going to notice inside new GT is his big speedometer. His digital and placed on 6.0-inches wide display. That is something not much car can brag about. New GT surely deserves something like that inside. Next, to that, we can`t notice that many buttons on the instrument board. That`s one more thing how Ford wants to follow the future.

One even bigger touchscreen (10.0-inches wide) is placed on the middle of the instrument board. Through him, you can control numerous of functions which are installed in new GT. The great thing about them is that there are announced so many new functions that can make your driving easier. That means that Ford will install so many functions that can control some of the systems inside this car.

2019 Ford GT Rear

2019 Ford GT Engine, Top Speed, Performances

Of course, the engine unit is the most important part of new 2019 Ford GT. It is announced that he`s going to be equipped with the most powerful engine so far. According to the rumors, that`s going to be the 3.5-liter V6 twin turbocharged DOHC intercooled petrol powered unit. As you can see, it is one extra powerful and useful engine. New GT is now supplied with 647 horsepower and with 550 lb/ft as its torque amount. We already have the official numbers for the performances. New GT can run from 0-60 mph in only 5 seconds which is the amazing time. His top speed is now estimated to be exactly 220 mph. Amazing power is hidden inside new GT.

This engine is mated with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission system with manual shifting mode. Now, even the fuel consumption numbers are ready. They`re saying he`ll use 11/17 mpg in city/highway driving.

2019 Ford GT Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 Ford GT can`t be before May 2019. His price is now estimated to be around $470.000 and it can go way over $500k for some better-equipped trim levels. Great thing about it is that Ford has announced new GT in limited edition. Only 450 pieces of new GT are going to be produced.

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