2019 Ford Galaxy Appearance, Power

2019 Ford Galaxy Front

Beware, new 2019 Ford Galaxy is coming on the market. That means that many of the Ford’s opponents have to worry about their products. The Galaxy is definitely one of the finest of its category and his new generation only means that he’s just getting better. His engineers have announced many changes in his shape so we are here to introduce you with it. Take a look at the details we could find out about new Galaxy.

2019 Ford Galaxy Front

2019 Ford Galaxy Redesign, Appearance, Style

The design of new 2019 Ford Galaxy is much more than ordinary. The shape of this car is on which all of the car creators should follow. The biggest part of the exterior is made from lightweight materials. That way, Ford is ensuring that his weight won’t be a problem for his performances. Looking at the front fascia, we can see that the grille is bigger and that the hood is longer than before. That way, the end of the hood is almost at the bottom of this car. On the both sides of the grille we can see the headlights. They are now wider than before which makes the visibility improved. Just that small changes can make him more popular due to the increased safety. Larger families are definitely more likely to buy new Galaxy now.

The sides of the new 2019 Ford Galaxy are equipped with the finest lines that are providing this car to look stunning and sportier. New Galaxy is arriving on the 20.0-inches alloy wheels. They can make him stronger and capable to go a bit off the road if you want to. What is interesting about this car is that he’s offered in more exterior colors choice than before. That’s definitely one of the ways how you can increase the interest of the families since new Galaxy has everything rest you need. The back part looks sharper. The rear glass is bigger and the exhaustion pipes are moved to the edges of the bumper. It is really obvious that Ford’s designers have been very busy with exterior design of new Galaxy.

2019 Ford Galaxy Interior

2019 Ford Galaxy Interior, Design, Materials

The interior of new 2019 Ford Galaxy is, before everything else, spacious and cozy. That’s the way how you can increase the interest of the families all around the world. The seats are absolutely perfectly designed. They are made to have amazing lumbar support. Even the sides support are improved so the passengers can really enjoy the ride. What is also interesting about the seats is that they are made using nothing but the Alcantara leather. That’s the material that can increase the price of this model but it is worth every penny. Ford still don’t want to reveal will the heating and cooling options for the seats are offered in the basic trim level.

The instrument board is bigger than before. You don’t need to worry about it because it is spacious now as well. The touchscreen is bigger as well. 10.0-inches are the dimensions of that screen. You can use that screen to control almost all of the features that are installed in the infotainment system. For those who don’t have the controls there, new 2019 Ford Galaxy offers them in the steering wheel or just with the voice control option. No matter what trim level you choose, you will get the finest experience for new Galaxy.

2019 Ford Galaxy Rear

2019 Ford Galaxy Engine, Performance, Power

Even though Ford is known for being pretty mysterious about the engine units, for new Galaxy they have revealed two engine choices. The basic choice for new 2019 Ford Galaxy the 1.5-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder petrol powered unit. This one can generate 160 horsepower. The additional engine choice is now 2.0-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost unit. With this engine, new Galaxy is supplied with the power of 180 horses. 6-speed automatic transmission system is the only choice.

2019 Ford Galaxy Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 Ford Galaxy is set to be March 2019. Starting price for this amazing model is $57.000.

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