2019 Ford Fusion Price and Engine Choices

2019 Ford Fusion Front

The world of sedans is just getting more and more interesting when new 2019 Ford Fusion is announced to arrive at the market. With so much reliable pieces of information, we are close to gather almost all of them that’s going to be useful for you. This review is made so you can see that new Fusion is the perfect sedan for all of you that don’t expect your car to fly on the road with the speed of over 200 mph but for all of you that expect your car to be nice and useful. New Fusion is just that. Take a look and see it yourself.

2019 Ford Fusion Front

2019 Ford Fusion Redesign, Exterior difference

Exterior design of new 2019 Ford Fusion isn’t all we have ever wanted to see from Ford but it surely does the purpose. This new Fusion is created to be functional and to be as nice as it can be. Therefore, the shape is something on which Ford’s designers and engineers will pay more attention to. They’ve made it to be improved when we compare him with his previous generation. You can really see how the front fascia is lowered more than before which won’t leave any effect on the driving in the city because new Fusion will still be capable to do that. The wheels are now significant part of the equipment. For new Fusion, they’ll be made to be 19.0-inches wide and made entirely from aluminum. With it, the appearance is improved and the performances are as well.

On the other side, new 2019 Ford Fusion really looks like a modern sedan. It is designed to have wide grille and wide headlights next to it. The headlights are now using brand new LED technology lamps which are something we know the passengers will love, especially knowing that those lights are using significantly less energy than the regular ones. On the rear end, new Fusion is styled to have wide taillights which are completed with new set of lamps as well. Under it, included in the bumper will be dual exhaustion pipes which are a bit larger than before. Other than change in the size, those exhaustion pipes will feature different shape. They’re circular shaped now. More exterior colors are offered for new Fusion. Even more than before which is amazing. Perfect for the picky customers.

2019 Ford Fusion Interior

2019 Ford Fusion Interior Look, Specs, Materials

Interior design for new 2019 Ford Fusion is extremely roomy and cozy. It is way beyond what we have expected from this sedan. Ford’s engineers have managed to create a better environment for the passengers inside thanks to new organization in the cabin. First thing they’ve changed is the instrument board. They’ve made it with fewer buttons which makes new Fusion extra modern sedan. Since they’ve removed some of the buttons, they’ve added larger touchscreen to make the driver and the passengers able to control all the features that’s going to be installed. Ford has announced brand new SYNC 3 connection system for new Fusion and that bring us huge smile on our face.

Translated to the easier language, that means that new 2019 Ford Fusion is equipped with extra modern and useful connection systems. First, you need to know that both of the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems are installed. Both of them are something that modern car needs to have. With it, the passengers can enjoy maximum comfort and amazing pleasure. Next to that amazing system, new Fusion is equipped with so many other functions that can increase the feeling you’re having inside. Some of the standard features inside are: adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, emergency braking, satellite navigation, dual-zone climate controller, traction control, blind spot monitors, airbags, hill assistant and many others.

2019 Ford Fusion Rear

2019 Ford Fusion Engine, Performances, Transmission

As we have said, the main idea for a 2019 Ford Fusion creators were to create useful car. With the engine new Fusion is equipped in his basic trim level, you will be more than satisfied. That’s going to be the 2.5-liter petrol powered engine with 4-cylinder. This engine can develop approximately the power amount of some stronger engine and that all thanks to the better shape. Power amount for new Fusion is estimated to be 175 horsepower and torque of 175 lb/ft.

Working in pair with 6-speed automatic gearbox, new Fusion can receive all the power to all four wheels which are almost unique for a sedan. The fuel consumption is the sweetest part of new Fusion. It is estimated to be 21/32 mpg city/highway.

2019 Ford Fusion Price and Estimated Launch Date

Ford’s officials still don’t want to reveal the release date for new 2019 Ford Fusion but it is said that it won’t be until February 2019. The starting price is expected to be around $25k which is perfect for this kind of car.

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