2019 Ford Focus Perfect city car

2019 Ford Focus Front

Even though we know it is just still only a story, new 2019 Ford Focus is already extremely popular thanks to the his amazing predecessors. They were all perfect city cars so we know that we can expect nothing less from this new one as well. Ford has always been keen to create perfect family car for driving around the city and with new Focus, they think they have just hit a jackpot. According to the some tests that they have done, new Focus was great on everyone of them. We’re hoping to see exactly the same at the streets. Until we see him there, all we have is this review we’ve prepared. Take a look.

2019 Ford Focus Front

2019 Ford Focus Appearance, Exterior design, Shape

Having the perfect city car as new 2019 Ford Focus really is, you must pay special attention to the exterior design. The appearance is extremely important for this car. That is why the Ford’s engineers are being so careful about it. The shape has remained to be the same as before but they have created some changes to make him closer to the customers all over the world. The biggest differences are placed on the front fascia.

There are newly designed headlights which are proved to be nice on some other Ford’s models. They are way wider than before and that makes them almost connected to the grille. The grille itself is longer and it is spreading almost to the bottom of this car. There is nothing below it now. The bumper has also suffered some differences. Ford’s engineers have made it stronger than before thanks to the hard steel they’re using now. We can’t forget to say that new Focus is said to be available with more exterior color options.

2019 Ford Focus Platform Redesign

It is extremely important to see all the changes on the new car so we can figure out how great was the job his designers do. It is more than easy to do that with new 2019 Ford Focus. All of the changes are shown perfectly. Those on the sides are more than obvious due to really nicely shaped lines. With them, new Focus can be sure that it’s going to look stronger than before which was one of the wishes of the customers before. The wheels are now also bigger and colored in black to make it look classier.

The rear end doesn’t have that many differences but all of them are placed in the exact position. The taillights are wider than before and the exhaustion pipes are also restyled and repositioned. They’re now closer to the edges of the back part. For the end, we must say that we are glad to see new Focus has remained his great shape which was one of the things why customers have to choose him in the past and we are sure they keep choosing him in the future.

2019 Ford Focus Interior

2019 Ford Focus Interior design, Infotainment system, Features

Interior design is pretty important part of any generation of Focus so this one is going to be tested that way as well. The passengers want to feel extra cozy and comfortable in their perfect city car which they think that new 2019 Ford Focus really is. Therefore, Ford’s engineers and designers had to make one step forward to make sure that you will choose this model before some others that are similar to him. For this time, the help is searched in the seat area.

They are now improved in so many ways. First, they are available with both heating and cooling options even in the basic trim level. Second, all seats have improved lumbar and sides support. And last but not least, they will be made using nothing but finest Alcantara leather which can increase the price for this model but you really shouldn’t be saving on your comfort level.

The instrument board inside new 2019 Ford Focus has remained to be almost the same as before. That could be the problem with some picky customers but we actually don’t have a problem with that at all. We know that instrument board is more than useful and that you can find all the controls easily. It’s going to be more driver oriented which is even better than in some similar models. Great thing is that now, the climate vents are bigger and made to be square shaped. With those sharper edges, we are sure you will enjoy the time you spent inside new Focus more than before. The ambient lighting is also better and it offers more color choices.

2019 Ford Focus Rear

2019 Ford Focus Engine, Performance, Abilities, Power

At the moment, we know only two engine options that are available for new 2019 Ford Focus. The basic choice will be 1.0-liter EcoBoost unit. This one is capable to produce 100 horsepower and around 120 lb/ft as torque amount. Second engine choice is set to be 1.5-liter EcoBoost unit. This one can develop the power of 150 horses and 164 lb/ft as maximum torque unit. 6-speed automatic transmission is mated with both of these engine choices and both of them can send the power to front-two wheels.

2019 Ford Focus Price and Estimated Arrival Date

$22k is set to be the starting price for new 2019 Ford Focus which is quite good deal. The release date is set to be March 2019 and we can’t see him on the streets before that period.

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