2019 Ford Fiesta ST, Speculations

2019 Ford Fiesta Front

City cars were extra popular before the growing of the SUVs popularity. New 2019 Ford Fiesta has the ability to return the glory to that part of the market. Fiesta is surely a model that has all it takes for something like that but it is up to you to buy this model once again. According to the first details, it keeps getting bigger and better over the years. Now, we expect the best from Fiesta and we are here to find out what`s hiding beneath that stunning exterior. Take a look at all of the details we could find.

2019 Ford Fiesta Front

2019 Ford Fiesta Redesign, Changes, Appearance

As we`ve mentioned before, new 2019 Ford Fiesta really does look spectacular. But that wasn`t ever a problem for this model. Even though the Ford really didn`t need to make some great changes because the previous generation of Fiesta was extra popular and beautiful, they`ve made some of them because they want the customers to think about it like it is a brand new car.

The first big difference you`ll see is placed on the front fascia. There is wider grille that`s now made entirely from chrome for the first time. That`s going to make new Fiesta closer to the luxury category of buyers. With it, new Fiesta will shine better than ever. Moving further we can see that the headlights have also suffered some changes. Those changes are making them look wider and it makes their edges become sharper. Speaking about the headlights, we must say that they`re using top quality lamps. Now, they are made as the combination of bi-xenon and LED lamps.

2019 Ford Fiesta Platform

As we move from the front part to the side, we can notice fewer changes there. Some new air vents are placed on the sides which can make the engine cooled but the even greater effect they have on making this car look sportier. New wheels are added and they`re larger as well. New 2019 Ford Fiesta is arriving on 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels and that`s the first time they`re going over 17 inches. On the back, new Fiesta looks exactly the same as before and we must say that we kind of like it that way. There are those recognizable taillights which are only moved closer to one another. The exhaustion pipes are at the same positions where they were. Also, Ford has enabled for you to buy new Fiesta in almost every color you wish.

2019 Ford Fiesta Interior

2019 Ford Fiesta Interior Look, Style, Materials

The cabin of new 2019 Ford Fiesta is full of surprises but Ford`s engineers still don`t want us to know all of them. Due to that, we had to listen a bit closer to what the rumors have to say. The good thing about them is that those are the rumors that are really close to Ford`s officials. They`re saying that new Fiesta is somehow roomier than before. It is obvious that Ford`s engineers have tried that before but now, they`ve found the perfect way to do. Seeing some of the photographs, new Fiesta has smaller instrument board with fewer buttons on it. That could be the secret of their big success. They`ve used some of the space which was reserved for the instrument board and gave it to the seats. It is definitely a win-win situation for the passengers inside.

2019 Ford Fiesta Comfort Level

First, they`re getting more room to sit and they`re having fewer buttons and knobs to deal with. Now, almost all of the functions can be used at the touchscreen or using only your own voice. That voice control can be used only in some higher trim levels but if you have some extra money you should definitely try that. That way, it`s going to be so easy to handle new 2019 Ford Fiesta. Some of the standard functions that are going to be the part of this car are: dual-zone climate controller, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors, traction control, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection systems and many other. It is great that the Ford has the same attention turned to the entertainment functions as well as they have it to the safety functions.

2019 Ford Fiesta Rear

2019 Ford Fiesta Engine, Power, Performances

Ford is being really quiet when it comes to the engine options for new 2019 Ford Fiesta. They`re willing to talk only about the basic choice. That`s said to be the 1.6-liter 4-cylinder petrol powered unit. Using this engine, new Fiesta is supplied with the 120 horsepower and with the torque of 112 lb/ft as the maximum. When it comes to the transmission system it is still a bit hard to find something about it because we think that Ford wants to create something new. Now, they`ve said that new Fiesta will have it`s engines paired with the 5-speed manual transmission system that`s going to send all the power to front-two pair of wheels. That`s great but we expect to see some automatic gearbox as well.

2019 Ford Fiesta Price and Estimated Launch Date

It is still hard to say when will new 2019 Ford Fiesta coming to your local car dealers. All we know that you can`t expect it before May 2019. His price is a bit easier to estimate and we know it`s going to be around $17.000 for its basic trim level and somewhere around $22.000.

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