2019 Ford Falcon US Market

2019 Ford Falcon Front

We have the great surprise for all of you. New 2019 Ford Falcon is now trying to attract the customers all over the world. Now, some rumors are saying that the new Falcon won`t be available only on the Australian market anymore. Ford is trying to make him available for the customers the entire world. First for the customers in the United States and then to all others. It is obvious that they`re doing that because the previous generation of that car was more than popular in Australia. They want to use that popularity to make him even better. Let`s see what they have done with it now.

2019 Ford Falcon Front

2019 Ford Falcon Exterior, Redesign, Reshaped

The exterior design of the new 2019 Ford Falcon isn’t that different from the previous version. Ford’s engineers are trying to make it recognizable for the customers. If you knew the previous version of Falcon, you’ll definitely love this one. Even though it looks the same as before, Ford has used the perfect recipe to attract the customers. They have increased the size of this car which makes him better for the customers in the US. You know that his size is bigger but you should know that his overall weight is remaining to be the same. His chassis is made of finest lightweight materials. Those materials are helpful for making the most of the Falcon. The wheels are larger which makes his aerodynamic abilities better. There are 20.0-inches wide alloy ones.

2019 Ford Falcon has more exterior color choices than before. The front part of the new Falcon is larger than before. His hood is longer than before and it ends with a wider grille. That grille is made of chrome vertical bars which make this car luxurious. That’s the best way to attract the customers. On the sides, new Falcon looks stronger than before thanks to the new lines created. The air vents on the sides are bigger than before. Even the back of the new Falcon is remaining similar to the previous version. It has larger taillights than before. They are increasing the safety which makes him perfect for the families.

2019 Ford Falcon Cabin

2019 Ford Falcon Interior Design, Restyled, Specs

Inside new 2019 Ford Falcon there are huge challenges for a designer to overcome. It is different to create the cabin for customers in the US than for the customers in Australia. Ford’s engineers have that in mind. They have made the cabin of new Falcon larger than before. That’s one of the first things they have to do. They have made it better than before. This time, Ford’s designers have been very busy with the seat design. They are available with the heating and cooling options. That’s the first time in a Falcon. Other than that, those seats are having the best lumbar and sides support. With those kinds of improvements, there is no doubt that the cabin of the new Falcon will be popular with the customers.

The instrument board is restyled as well. It is designed to be modern. That means that the instrument board is available with fewer buttons. That’s great for the safety. That way the driver can remain his eyes on the road during the entire journey. All of the functions that are installed can be controlled using only voice commands. Besides that, some of them can be controlled by the touch on the screen which is placed higher than in the previous version. Ford’s engineers are trying to make it easier to be controlled than before. To make the customers love it more than before, Ford’s designers have made it available in numerous of the ambient colors choices. The picky customers are choosing him before some others.

2019 Ford Falcon Rear

2019 Ford Falcon Engine, Power, Performances

We still don’t have the exact information’s about the engine units because we still don’t know will Ford make new Falcon available with the same engine choices as the Falcon for the Australian market or with different types of engines. So far, the rumors are that new 2019 Ford Falcon will be powered using the 5.0-liter V8 petrol powered unit. This one can produce 471 horsepower and 420 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. We are proud to mention that the new Falcon uses less fuel than before. That’s one of the things which Ford’s engineers have tried to accomplish and we are so happy that they’ve done it.

The performances are improved for new Falcon this time. He can reach from 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds flat which is perfect. The maximum speed for new Falcon is 150 mph which is more than great improvement. This engine is working in pair with the 8-speed automatic transmission system.

2019 Ford Falcon Price and Estimated Arrival Date

We are convinced that new 2019 Ford Falcon is set to be released in May 2019. What is still unsure is his starting price. We think it’s going to be over $57.500 for his basic trim level.

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