2019 Ford F-350 Towing Capacity

2019 Ford F-350 Front

With the arrival of new 2019 Ford F-350, trucks are getting ready for the next year market. Ford is more than serious about making this model almost as popular as the F-150 is. That’s going to be hard but we are confident that they can make it work. Ford’s engineers and officials are willing to provide us with some useful information’s about it. Therefore, we have created a review about new F-350. Here it is.

2019 Ford F-350 Front

2019 Ford F-350 Redesign, Appearance, Exterior design

First, we must say that the new 2019 Ford F-350 looks a lot like his famous relative F-150. To be honest, we can’t say that’s wrong. That’s the definitely good thing to do because that way, Ford’s engineers are ensuring that you’re going to pay attention to this model. When we compare him with F-150, we must say that this new F-350 isn’t that big. It’s a bit smaller but it is still made to be extra useful. His trunk is quite big which makes him perfect for the business you’re going to use him. All the lamps are improved and with it, the visibility is way better. New F-350 is using newly developed lamps technology. The combination of LED and bi-xenon is the best choice for this truck.

On the sides of new 2019 Ford F-350 there are some really nice things placed. New lines are making new F-350 sportier than it used to be. It is placed on the 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels. Now, we have an exclusive news to share it with you, new F-350 is available to be driven in all-wheel-drive mode. He’s going to be raised a bit more off the ground which makes him perfect for the off-road driving. The hood is longer than before and it finishes with the newly built grille. The grille is made from chrome this time which makes new F-350 looks stronger than ever.

2019 Ford F-350 Cabin

2019 Ford F-350 Interior design, Infotainment system, Materials

The cabin is, as always, one of the most important things inside every car so that’s the way with new F-350 as well. Just one look inside this truck is enough for you to love it. First, you should know that Ford’s engineers are trying to do their best to make it one of the most luxurious trucks on the market. New 2019 Ford F-350 is made using the most popular and extra cozy materials. Now, they are using mostly leather and carbon fiber. Besides that, there will be some wooded parts used. Together, they are making new F-350 looks awesome inside. The passengers are definitely going to be thrilled with everything shown inside. Besides making most of the things inside softer to touch, Ford’s engineers are trying to make everything easier to be controlled.

Now, the main thing about that is that new 2019 Ford F-350 is receiving a brand new display screen on the middle of the instrument board. That touchscreen is 8.0-inches wide and it has almost all of the functions hidden inside. What is also great about the functions in new F-350 is that some of the controls are transferred to the steering wheel. That way, the driver can control all functions while he keeps his eyes on the road during the entire journey. Great way to increase safety which is one of the ways how you can increase the interest of families.

2019 Ford F-350 Rear

2019 Ford F-350 Engine, Power, Transmission

This time, only one engine unit is offered for new 2019 Ford F-350. That’s going to be more than enough at the moment because we are sure this engine we’re going to talk about is more than capable enough to power this powerful truck. That engine is the 6.2-liter V8 petrol powered unit. This engine can produce the power of 385 horses and around 405 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. Towing ability for this engine unit is set to be 30.000 pounds. That way, new F-350 becomes one of the most interesting and most powerful truck units.

This engine, as every other engine that appears available for new F-350, is mated to the 6-speed automatic transmission system.

2019 Ford F-350 Price and Estimated Release Date

Starting price of new 2019 Ford F-350 is set to be $36.500. The release date is estimated to be March 2019, not sooner than that.

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