2019 Ford Explorer Power, Abilities

2019 Ford Explorer Front

Ford is surely one of the most popular car Companies on the market. With new 2019 Ford Explorer that’s arriving, they are ensuring their number one spot. SUVs are the finest product that Ford has and new Explorer can easily become world’s best. This new generation is capable of many things and we are here to tell you everything we have found out about it. Take a look at our review of new Explorer and you will see that this is an amazing SUV.

2019 Ford Explorer Front

2019 Ford Explorer Exterior, Shape, Appearance, Style

It is more likely that Ford wants to produce SUVs that’s going to be oriented a little bit more on the aesthetic part because they have reached the top when it comes to the functionality. This new 2019 Ford Explorer is the latest evidence for that. It is shown to be nicer than before and the first pictures we have seen are amazing. There won’t be some drastic changes but Ford somehow managed to pack that to look incredible. That’s the secret of great designers. His shape is a bit boxier than before and the edges are sharper. With it, new Explorer is definitely looking stronger. Now, his weight is reduced thanks to the lightweight materials which are used in the chassis. New Explorer is available on 21.0-inch black alloy tires. With them, he looks incredible. Like true luxury SUV car.

The front part of new 2019 Ford Explorer is longer than before. It is lowered and it is closer to the ground. You can be sure that it won’t affect on your off-road driving. The grille is wider than before and now, it’s going to be positioned closer to the headlights. The headlights are bigger than before. They are equipped with newly developed LED lamps. On the back of the new Explorer, we can see that there are wider taillights. Both of the bumpers are improved but the back one is stronger than before. The hard steel is used for both of the bumpers. More exterior color choices are offered for new Explorer. With it, they are ensuring that the picky customers will choose Explorer.

2019 Ford Explorer Interior

2019 Ford Explorer Interior design, Materials, Refreshed


If we know something about the interior of Ford’s cars, that is that they are cozy and roomy. This new 2019 Ford Explorer won’t be left behind when it comes to that aspect of his cabin. Ford’s engineers have done their best to make new Explorer really special and different from the others. According to our opinion, they’ve made it. New Explorer looks amazing inside. First, you can see that the instrument board is bigger than before but that won’t affect the buttons and knobs. There will be even fewer of them. We can notice that the climate vents are now made to have sharper edges so they won’t be circular shaped anymore. Next, the touchscreen is positioned a bit higher which makes the passengers easier to see it. Also, all the buttons which are placed on the instrument board are more driver-oriented.

As you know that there are fewer buttons on the instrument board, you can only wonder where did they go? Well, some of them are transferred to the steering wheel and other functions can be controlled using nothing more than the power of your own voice. New 2019 Ford Explorer is one of the rear SUVs that can brag about that. As we have said, new Explorer remains as cozy as before. Now, the seats are made using finest leather and they are slightly redesigned. They have better lumbar support to help the passengers on longer trips. Both of the heating and cooling options are included but only if you are willing to pay a bit more money. We don’t even need to mention that the new Explorer is released with so many new functions, or at least with some software updates.

2019 Ford Explorer Rear

2019 Ford Explorer Engine, Performance, Power

Every decent SUV needs to have perfect engine to make him run. This new 2019 Ford Explorer surely has the engine options to brag about. Basic choice is mentioned to be 2.7-liter V6 petrol powered unit. This one is capable to provide power of 325 horses and torque amount of 360 lb/ft as maximum. After that, we have another engine choice for new Explorer. That’s going to be 3.0-liter EcoBoost unit. This one can supply new Explorer with the power of 400 horses and with decent torque amount. That torque amount stands to be exactly 440 lb/ft. AWD mode is available for new Explorer and it is rumored that the 9-speed automatic transmission system will be only choice for new Ford’s SUV.

2019 Ford Explorer Price and Estimated Launch date

Maybe the finest thing about new 2019 Ford Explorer is that he can be released at the end of 2018, or maybe even in the November 2018. His price is set to be around $35k which is also great because it isn’t too expensive.

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