2019 Ford Edge Review, Abilities

2019 Ford Edge Front

There is huge fight for the customers going on the SUV market at the moment. Therefore, we don’t see as a surprise that new 2019 Ford Edge is announced to arrive sometime in the next year. That is one of the Ford’s nicest SUVs so they are expecting pretty much from it. The Edge has proved to be very useful and good choice in the past but Ford wants more. This new Edge should be all you can wish out of the SUV. Take a look and see it yourself, it is perfect!

2019 Ford Edge Front

2019 Ford Edge Changes, Design, Specs

Om the exterior design, Ford isn’t willing to give you some new experience. They want you to have that same feeling as before. That way, they are ensuring that you will keep choosing that model before some others. New 2019 Ford Edge looks almost exactly the same as before but with some small differences that are keen to make him more popular among the customers. Looking at the past, we can say that Ford really knows how to create something that is close to the customers all over the world.

New Edge is the evidence that they are still capable to do that. The shape of the SUV is the first thing they need to improve so the whole car will be better. New Edge definitely has some sharper edges that are working in his way. They are providing better aerodynamic abilities. With them, the fuel consumption is reduced which is important for the SUV lovers to hear.

The front fascia looks redesigning and restyled so the customers can see that they are working on it. We can spot that the 2019 Ford Edge has longer headlights that are now almost connected to the grille. The grille itself is wider and it is spreading almost to the ground. That way, Ford is making new Edge looks stronger. More exterior color options are available. The wheels are larger and they are more off-road available. That’s the way how Ford wants to tell the customers that they are working something new with this generation of Edge.

2019 Ford Edge Interior

2019 Ford Edge Interior design, Cabin materials

The interior design is more than usual. New 2019 Ford Edge is equipped with so much great materials to help the passengers feel extra cozy inside. For example, Ford’s designers announced that new Edge will feature totally plastic-free cabin, for the first time. That means we can expect to see the cabin of new Edge equipped with mostly Alcantara leather which is proved to be amazing. With it, the seats are proving amazing comfort level. It is positioned lower than before and with better lumbar support. The sides support is also better but we still don’t know will the heating and cooling options become available in the basic trim levels. If they do, new Edge will surely be one of the best equipped SUVs of the upcoming 2019 year market.

There is something else that can make new 2019 Ford Edge best-equipped model. That is his orientation towards hands-free functions and features. This time, almost all of the functions that are going to be the part of new Edge’s infotainment system are available using voice control. That’s something we could expect to see since the instrument board is released with the reduced number of buttons and knobs on it. There is still climate connection controls and the large touchscreen in the middle of it. It is now 7.0-inches wide and it is positioned slightly higher so it can be more driver oriented. All the functions are receiving significant software upgrades which can allow the passengers to enjoy every second inside.

2019 Ford Edge Rear

2019 Ford Edge Engine, Performance, MPG

There are two engine choices available for new 2019 Ford Edge and both of them will be paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. Using it, new Edge can receive all the power to all four wheels on this SUV.

The first choice for this SUV is the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder unit. This one can generate the power of 245 horses and with the torque of 275 lb/ft as the maximum. There is one more engine that you can choose to put it under the hood if you like it more than the other before. That is the 3.5-liter V6 unit. Using it, new Edge can be supplied with the 280 horsepower and with torque amount of 250 lb/ft. It is incredible power on both of the engines and we are convinced that it is available with some more as well in some higher trim levels.

2019 Ford Edge Price and Estimated Launch date

We know that new 2019 Ford Edge can’t go below $30k for his basic trim level and we still don’t know the official release date. That’s going to be somewhere between February and May 2019.

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