2019 Ford EcoSport Power, Engine

2019 Ford EcoSport Front

We can’t ask from Ford’s officials to choose their favorite model but if we can get that option among the best ones is definitely 2019 Ford EcoSport. That’s the model that can respond to all of the demands. It is great in off-road driving and it is more than the decent city car. Large families can be perfectly safe with him and he is also the great choice for younger generations. All in all, there are more than a few options why you should choose this particular model. Take a look and see it yourself.

2019 Ford EcoSport Front

2019 Ford EcoSport Redesign, Shape, Appearance

It is more than easy to say that new 2019 Ford EcoSport is looking sharper than before. That’s surely one of the reasons why you should buy him. Looking at it we can really see what true SUV should look like. Even though this new EcoSport suffered some dimension changes, we can still place him in the mid-size SUV category. First look tells us that his front fascia will be the part which is the nicest. There are wide headlights which are even touching the grille a little bit. That’s because the grille is a bit wider. Not only is it wider, now Ford’s engineers have made it using only chrome. With it, they are ensuring that it’s going to look super classy. That’s one of the categories new can easily be placed in. It is arriving on 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are available only for this model.

This generation of EcoSport is surely looking sharp and extra classy. The shape is something on which Ford’s engineers will pay special attention to. They’re going to pay great attention to make it extra classy and to increase their performances. Looking at the sides of this SUV, we can spot some new lines that are great to make this car looks extra strong. On the back, there is everything left as it were before. The rear glass is bigger than before and that is the only changes that are noticeable on the back. The exhaustion pipes are positioned at the same place as before.

2019 Ford EcoSport Interior

2019 Ford EcoSport Interior design, Infotainment system

When it comes to the interior place, we can see that there isn’t some actual difference spotted. Ford’s ensured that the passengers have more than enough room inside. What is also special is that cargo area is increased. That way, families are receiving better feeling during the ride. New 2019 Ford EcoSport is the great choice if you’re planning to go on some longer family trips. What is improved inside new EcoSport are the seats. They’re now available with better lumbar and sides support. In addition to that, Ford has installed heating and cooling options even in the basic trim level. That’s something we haven’t seen most of the SUVs available with.

The instrument board inside new 2019 Ford EcoSport is larger than before but that won’t leave the effect on the interior room. EcoSport has taken all it can from that large instrument board. The touchscreen is larger and it is positioned higher than before. The entire infotainment system is ensured with software improvements. With it, you’re receiving one of the finest infotainment systems on the market. The greatest thing about it is that they’re offering the same number of the safety functions as well as the entertainment ones. Great move from Ford’s engineers.

2019 Ford EcoSport Side

2019 Ford EcoSport Engine, Power, MPG, Transmission

Now, we are available to see and hear about only one engine option under the hood of new 2019 Ford EcoSport. That’s going to be the 1.0-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine unit. This one can develop impressive power amount. It is estimated that it’s going to be 123 horsepower and 125 lb/ft as torque amount. This engine will be paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. This gearbox can be sent the power to every one of the four wheels on new EcoBoost. If we found something new about the engine units for new EcoBoost, we’ll let you know in a moment.

2019 Ford EcoSport Price and Estimated Launch date

The release date for new 2019 Ford EcoSport is set to be March 2019. Starting price for this beautiful SUV is set to be around $22.000.

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