2019 Ford E-Series Truck, Van

2019 Ford E-Series Front

We all know how incredible Ford is and the introduction of 2019 Ford E-Series makes us wonder, will there ever be a better car producer than the Ford is. Speaking of this model, we can say a lot of interesting and amazing things. We have found out so many useful details about it that can make you feel really close to it. This review is prepared based on the facts and on the rumors that are going on about it. Our sources are pretty close to Ford’s officials so we are sure that they are trustworthy.

2019 Ford E-Series Front

2019 Ford E-Series Exterior Design, Refreshments, Specs

The exterior design of new 2019 Ford E-Series isn`t something to be stunned with. It is simply designed so it can be functional. Of course, that doesn`t mean that this car will look ugly or anything like that, it`s going to be more than decent. His shape is boxy because he has sharp edges. Those edges can help him achieve great power because the air can flow easily around and under this mighty truck. The first thing you`re going to notice on this truck is surely his front fascia. It is completed with the large grille and the headlights next to it. The headlights which are placed there make it look sharp and stunning. What is especially interesting about those headlights is that they`re going to use newly developed LED and bi-xenon lights combination. That is something that every car should have.

So far, we can see that it is proven that new 2019 Ford E-Series is made to be the main functional truck. The sides of new E-Series is made with some new lines and some bigger air vents to keep the engine cooled in every second. The rear part looks almost exactly the same as before. One of the differences that are placed on new E-Series is the exhaustion pipes which are now made in the circular shape. Other than that, they`re positioned differently. Now, the exhaustion pipes are placed on the both of the edges, so they`re dual.

2019 Ford E-Series Interior

2019 Ford E-Series Interior Style, Specs, Materials

The interior design of the new 2019 Ford E-Series is still kind of hidden from the eyes of the customers. We are all still wondering how the official version of new E-Series will look. So far, we could say that it`s going to be roomier than before. Even though is enough to make us think that new E-Series is going to attract more customers than before. We know that new E-Series is made mainly to help you finish some of the business, but we know that you want to feel cozy inside as well.

Therefore, new 2019 Ford E-Series is equipped with extra cozy and reliable materials. Ford is really trying to use some of the expensive ones but they just not fit inside new E-Series. Now, Ford’s engineers have used the most amazing but basic trim materials. The seat’s design is amazing so the materials can only make it better. The lumbar support is absolutely splendid in new E-Series. With it, the passengers can enjoy every second inside this perfect looking car.

2019 Ford E-Series Rear

2019 Ford E-Series Engine, Power, Performances

Now, Ford is willing enough to reveal only one engine unit for new 2019 Ford E-Series. That means new E-Series will probably use new the 6.0-liter turbocharged V8 unit to create the power. New E-Series will be supplied with 235 horsepower and with the torque of 440 lb/ft as the maximum. That is incredible power amount and we are even happier that it’s going to be transferred to all four wheels. That power will be transferred using a 8-speed automatic transmission system.

If we found out about some other engine choices for new E-Series, we’ll definitely let you know.

2019 Ford E-Series Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for the new 2019 Ford E-Series is set to be $33.400 which is perfect for this kind of truck. The release date is still under heavy question mark because we still don’t know the exact date. Some of the rumors are saying he’s going to be released at the beginning of April 2019.

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