2019 Ford Chassis Cab Review, Price

2019 Ford Chassis Cab Front

It is time we start talking about some serious trucks and no model is better for that then new 2019 Ford Chassis Cab. It is designed to be extra big and large in every direction. His size was always something that makes him separated from the others. That`s the way why people often choose him before some similar models. He can honestly do so much great job. Ford made him in that purpose. Now, he`s looking sharper than ever and that`s the right time for us to talk about him. Take a look at the things that are going to make him better.

2019 Ford Chassis Cab Front

2019 Ford Chassis Cab Redesign, Exterior Changes, Review

The exterior design of the new 2019 Ford Chassis Cab is pretty simple. It is quite big and sharp on the edges. What is interesting about this truck is that his trunk can actually be closed so we can call him some kind of an SUV. That’s something not many trucks can do. As we have said, this new Chassis Cab is sharp on the edges which makes his aerodynamic abilities way improved. Also, his front deck is a bit more raised off the ground. That’s also great for the performances.

We can’t really spot some huge differences on the exterior but we can’t say that’s wrong because we can’t spot any mistake made there as well. His hood is long as we are used to seeing it. On the other hand, the grille is now longer than before. It’s going to have those recognizable vertical bars which will be completed by Ford’s logo on the middle. Perfect finish! The headlights are a bit rounded but they are very good for increased safety. They are using new lamps this time and Ford still doesn’t want to reveal what technology they are using for it.

2019 Ford Chassis Cab is arriving on the 21.0-inch alloy wheels. The sides are equipped with some really nice lines. They are making it look stronger than before. What is great about this generation is that his rear end really looks better. It is proving that Ford’s engineers have serious plans for this truck. We just love when you can actually say, based only on the exterior look, that this is one strong and mighty truck. New Chassis Cab really is strong, mighty and useful.

2019 Ford Chassis Cab Cabin

2019 Ford Chassis Cab Interior Look, Style, Shape

When it comes to the inside of 2019 Ford Chassis Cab we can honestly say that Ford made us surprised. We didn`t expect that much of the luxury parts inside. They have done more than a great job inside. First, we can`t forget to say that it is one extra cozy and comfortable truck. There is so much room for the passengers inside. All in all, we are so happy that Ford hasn`t lost any of the room inside.

Passengers can feel absolutely cozy inside this truck. They are taking really great care about the passengers so they can do all the business with this truck with maximum pleasure. The seats are bigger than before and redesigned now. They`re having perfect lumbar and sides support. Now, for the first time in a truck, Ford has enabled heating and cooling option for the seats. That way, you can really feel maximum comfort. In addition to that, the climate controller is improved on such a great level.

The entire instrument board is released to have fewer buttons than it used to be. That is part of Ford`s plan to make almost all of their models modernized. New 2019 Ford Chassis Cab is a part of that modernization. Now, you`re going to be welcomed with 8.0-inches wide touchscreen on the middle of the instrument board. Through it, you can control almost all of the numerous features that are included in the infotainment system of new Chassis Cab. All that is making this truck almost one of kind. Also, Ford`s engineers and designers are trying to make him look so nice inside. Now, they have made it available with premium materials for the premium trim levels. There will be Alcantara leather in new Chassis Cab for the first time.

2019 Ford Chassis Cab Side

2019 Ford Chassis Cab Engine, Power, Abilities

The engine is maybe the most important part of new 2019 Ford Chassis Cab. Therefore, Ford`s engineers have paid the biggest attention to it. Now, they have made it extra strong and useful because it`s going to use the minimum of the required energy and fuel. The engine that`s going to provide great power is the 6.2-liter V8 petrol powered unit. This mighty engine can supply this mighty truck with the power of 385 horses and with 405 lb/ft as the torque amount.

It`s going to be available with at least two additional engine choices. You should know that no matter what engine type you choose for new Chassis Cab, it`s going to be paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission system. That`s the gearbox that`s going to send all the power to all four wheels on this mighty truck. Also, the fuel consumption is now significantly reduced.

2019 Ford Chassis Cab Price and Estimated Arrival Date

When you`re wondering when will new 2019 Ford Chassis Cab be released, you should know it`s going to be before the start of the spring of 2019. We are expecting him in February. The price for this strong truck will be around $37.000 for his basic trim level.

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