2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Review, MPG

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Front

Every new model makes a market more interesting. This new 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid can surely make a difference on the market because it is designed with extreme attention and we are sure that Ford has the experience you need to have when you are designing and producing this kind of car. New C-Max has already been a great family car but with hybrid engine unit offered, it is even closer to the customers. Now, they are paying more attention to making this car more useful. Take a look at what they have released.

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Front

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Exterior design, Appearance

Even though the exterior design of new 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid is announced with almost no changes at all, we have to say that it looks spectacular and very interesting. The shape is a bit changed and that is the good thing that Ford’s designers have done it. It is really important for a hybrid-powered car to have the best shape that it is possible. That way, it has increased aerodynamic abilities which are enough to increase performances and reduce the fuel consumption. The front part is where we can spot the biggest changes to happen. The front fascia is slightly lowered and pulled closer to the bottom of the car.

That way, they’ve made it better for the air to flow under. The grille is wider and the air vents are bigger. All great improvements by Ford. The headlights are now made to look the same as before but with brand new lamps to use. Ford obviously has paid more attention to the energy-wasting and due to that, they are trying to reduce it as much as possible. That’s the reason why new LED lamps are introduced to new C-Max, they are simply using way less energy than the old ones.

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Platform

Even the rest of the exterior design looks splendid. New 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid has one of the nicely designed sides we’ve seen. Those new lines that are added can help him reach a new level of appearance. With those lines, Ford ensures that this type of car works as great family car but to look as perfect sport car. Great thing for new C-Max. The wheels have remained to be 18.0-inches ones and they are enough for this type of car. You can choose the color you want to paint them into as well as the rest of the car. There are more exterior color choices than before. On the back of new C-Max we can see that the taillights are pulled closer to one another which makes them look wider. The rear bumper looks stronger thanks to the usage of hard steel.

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Interior

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Interior design, Infotainment system, Features

The interior design of new 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid is something how perfect family car should look like. It is designed to be extra cozy and comfortable. This generation of C-Max offers more room for the passengers than before thanks to the better organization inside the cabin. The instrument board is now available with fewer buttons than before which allows it to be moved a bit. That leaves more room for the seats which is a news that makes us happy. Besides the room for the seats and the passengers, Ford has left more room for the cargo area as well. To be honest, that’s definitely how you create great family car. We are sure that new C-Max is now ready to go on some longer journeys.

The seats have been redesigned so the passengers can be fully relaxed. They are offering better lumbar and sides support. In addition to that, Ford has made them available to both heating and cooling options. With the those two, you know that you will enjoy the ride inside this perfect family car. New 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid is now available with better ambient lighting to provide a greater feeling for the passengers inside. You can really set the lights based on your own mood. That’s the way how you create the great family car.

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Rear

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Engine, Performance, Power

Only 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine unit which will work in pair with electric power motor is available for new 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid. This is surely perfect combination for this type of car and it’s going to do the business you’re demanding from him. The power amount this car can produce is estimated to be 188 horsepower and 129 lb/ft as torque amount. We must be satisfied with those numbers because it is a hybrid car after all and he’s made to be useful. New C-Max will have its engine paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission system and it’s going to reduce its fuel consumption.

Great thing to know about this car is that his electric motor will need only under 6 hours to be fully charged. When the batteries are fully charged, this new C-Max can go close to the 40 miles using nothing but the electric motor.

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price and Estimated Arrival Date

$40k is starting price for new 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid and that’s great because it isn’t that much expensive when you know that we’re dealing with a great hybrid-powered car. When it comes to the release date, we expect him to be released at the beginning of summer 2019 which is somewhere close to the June 2019.

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