2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Review

2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Front

There are some cars that are famous with every engine, but new 2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid is just getting the peak of his popularity. Ford has come to the idea that the passengers should have the extra environment-friendly option with almost any of their car models. New B-Max is one of the latest that’s going to receive that option. We are all going to be extremely happy with this model but we think that minivan lovers will benefit the most from this model. Let’s see all the good stuff you can receive from new B-Max.

2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Front

2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Exterior Design, Appearance

When it comes to the exterior of new 2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid we are more than happy about this model because we know that if some car producer knows how to produce amazing car we know that Ford is one of those. There won’t be too many changes, that is sure, but all of the details that are placed on the exterior of the previous generation of B-Max deserves to be there in this new one as well. There are those recognizable headlights designs. That is something that makes this car to stand out from the crowd. They are now wider than before. That doesn’t mean that the shape will be different but we are so proud to see that Ford is looking for tradition even in this modern times.

When it comes to the rest of the body of new 2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid, we can also see some new and some old and recognizable details on the exterior. The sides are equipped with the design of the same line as before but they’re now sharper than before. With that kind of lines, new B-Max is starting to become the sportier looking car. Therefore, he can enter some more markets this time. The back side of new B-Max had some secrets to share. The rear glass is way bigger and it allows the driver to have better visibility behind a car. Also, the taillights are wider and they are now really close to one another. That’s one of the ways how Ford wants to make this car look stronger and sportier. Great car new B-Max is.

2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Interior

2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Interior Look, Materials, Shape

The first thing you need to know about the interior design of new 2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid is that it is one extra roomy car. That is the first that Ford needs to do if they want new B-Max to be popular among the customers. They have done it, we can see that. Not only that they’ve made it roomier, they have made it become classier as well. Also, Ford’s engineers have done a really good job in making this car available to receive the bigger amount of luggage. They’ve increased the cargo area which makes this car one of the finest for the families. To be honest, that is the first goal that Ford’s officials had with new B-Max. Also, it is obvious that they’re trying to make him classier.

You can actually see the class in new 2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid the moment when you step inside. You can notice that there is way more leather used inside this one than inside of his predecessor. That is one of the sure ways to make the customers love your model. When it comes to the instrument board, we can see that Ford is trying to make him modernized. It is way fewer buttons present on this instrument board than it was on its predecessor. The touchscreen now has 9.4-inches wide diagonals. We, and we are sure that the rest of the customers will absolutely love this model and all of the features he’s going to be available with. When we’re talking about the features, you have to trust us, there will be more than enough of those installed.

2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Rear

2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Engine, Power, Performances, MPG

The engine is surely the most amazing part for new 2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid. This time, he’s going to be equipped with hybrid engine option as one of the choices for this powerful minivan. We are so happy to give you almost the full information’s about that engine unit. That’s going to be the amazing combination between the 1.4-liter petrol powered 4-cylinder unit and the electric motor that’s going to work on 3 lithium-ion batteries.

Together, they can produce around 100 horsepower while the petrol powered alone can produce 70 horsepower. The torque amount is set to be 150 lb/ft when it is combined and when you’re using only petrol engine he can produce 110 lb/ft. This engine, as any other, will work in pair with the 6-speed automatic transmission that can send the power to every one of the four wheels on this minivan in some higher trim levels.

2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2019 Ford B-Max Hybrid can’t be below $27.000 which makes him an extra affordable hybrid minivan. The release date is set to be April 2019.

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