2019 Ford Atlas Redesign, Review

2019 Ford Atlas Front

Since new 2019 Ford Atlas is announced, we are sure that Ford wants to establish their position on the truck market. They`ve announced so many models and we are sure that some of them are guaranteed to succeed. New Atlas is somehow designed to remind us on the old one, so that`s one of the ways in which Ford uses to tell us they`re looking over on faithful customers. They`re definitely choosing new Atlas because they know how good he was in the past. With this new one, Ford wants to show them he can be even better.

2019 Ford Atlas Front

2019 Ford Atlas Redesign, Changes, Appearance

As we`ve mentioned, new 2019 Ford Atlas won`t be that much different when we compare him with his predecessor. Of course, it`s only concerned about the exterior design. The shape is exactly the same as before and so is the size. But, there are some differences when it comes to the trunk size. Ford has managed to turn it into their own favor. They`ve made it bigger but without losing an inch of a place for the passengers inside. That`s more than the incredible way of building. That way, they`re really showing that they`re taking incredible care about the passengers inside. When we have already started to talk about the rear size, we must mention there are redesigned taillights on the back. They`re wider than before and they`re spreading almost over the entire back of the trunk. Since they`re wider, they seem almost connected one to another.

Next is the front fascia. It is covered with chrome since the grille is made entirely from it. That way, new 2019 Ford Atlas can even enter the luxury truck market. It is something that Ford`s officials didn`t expect. Besides it`s going to be made from chrome, it`s going to be wider than before and it`s going to spread almost over the front part. Now, it`s going to be longer than before and it is placed almost to the bottom of this truck. The headlights are now wider than before which makes it has better visibility. With it, it`s going to have increased safety as well. With more exterior color options, it`s going to be closer to the picky customers. 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels are there to make new Atlas looks stronger and they`re really working for it.

2019 Ford Atlas Cabin

2019 Ford Atlas Interior Design, Review, Materials

It is already said before that new 2019 Ford Atlas is arriving with the bigger trunk and that won`t affect the passengers inside. It is simple as that. Ford has managed to create the amazing environment for the passengers inside thanks to the restyled instrument board. The instrument board is now moved a bit further into the front part of the car and Ford has released it with fewer buttons. All in all, it means that the instrument board needs less room than it needed before. That is what we call a perfect way of building. You don`t have to worry about the functionality of the instrument board because it`s going to be even better. Ford`s engineers have removed most of the buttons and they have placed the controls either to the touchscreen or to the steering wheel. Amazing job they have done with new Atlas.

We are so proud to see that the comfort level inside the new 2019 Ford Atlas is raised to the sky-high levels. They`ve redesigned the seats which are the first thing to do when you`re improving comfort level. Now, those seats are available with perfect lumbar support. Next, to that, we have the information that they`re going to be available with heating and cooling option, even in the basic trim level which isn`t something we have used to see in an ordinary truck. That`s one more thing that tells us that new Atlas could go on the luxury truck market. The functionality itself is more than amazing. The infotainment system is available with amazing software improvements.

2019 Ford Atlas Side

2019 Ford Atlas Engine, Power, Performances, Specs

The engine is surely the most important thing for new 2019 Ford Atlas. Ford`s engineers have made it with improved towing capacity this time. We can be thankful for that to the newly developed engine for the new Atlas. That`s the 5.0-liter V8 EcoBoost petrol powered engine unit. This won`t be his basic engine but it`s going to be the strongest one. It can produce the power of 380 horses and 400 lb/ft as maximum torque amount which is incredible. As we`ve said, the towing capacity is extremely important for new Atlas. Some of the rumors tell us it is estimated to be over 28.000 pounds.

All of the engine choices for new Atlas are mated to the 8-speed automatic transmission system which can send all the power to the all wheels on this magnificent truck.

2019 Ford Atlas Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting date of new 2019 Ford Atlas actually releasing is May 2019. His price, the price for his basic trim level, is set to be slightly above $27.000.

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